Freedom has many definitions, I suppose as many as you want to make it have because you are free to do so!

The meaning you attach to Freedom will be related to where you are in life right now. Feeling tight, constrained and trapped is your making, but when you think about it, you don’t have to live there.

So…what do you do? Free yourself, open the door, walk out–you have the key. What am I really saying? It is a choice you are making right now. Can you become bold, taking the chance walking through the door, or shy, afraid and living with such limits you never see the light of a bright day?

In your mind you live where the past traps you, the future scares you and the present is not even recognized. You are running so fast, you don’t take time to stop and get into the moment.

Step out into the future where Freedom really lives! The space is wide, the path is clear. It is like walking with a flashlight in the darkness though. As you walk forward in the light’s beam, you will see more and more as you take one step at a time. It will take trust, belief and confidence in the One who died for you and me that we might live FREE!


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