I hope you have one, in my mind you can’t have one like me. Mine is so unique. Only God could have put us together. One day 64 years ago, when I was three years old (ouch! I have to tell you my age so you can see the full story here) mother told me a new friend was coming to meet me. Her mother had called and asks if they could come to our house for a visit. That day I did not know my future would take on such a full event!

Daddy had made me a little stool that sat low on the floor, I sat there waiting all cleaned up with my little yellow dress on. She came in and there she was little Sandra Ann Storey. We were introduced and right there it all began BFF/ Best Friends Forever…

Little did I know that day this little girl would mean so much to me years ahead. What a gift from God, true friendship is! Put the character of the person in and what a sweet personal gift from Him.

Moving through the years, we made mud pies together, enjoyed sleepovers laughing trying to drink the big glass bottle Coke that had just come on the market. Then chased the boys. Oh! Loved the AJC paperboys!! Put the miles on her little car called a Prenz, sneaked puffs on Salems when they first came out, later eating peanut butter to hide it from our mothers, had a blast at South Bend swimming pool dancing the real Shag with sand thrown on the floor to hear the sound. Elvis first movie made us cry as we sat on the front row at the Rialto Theater. Proudly we walked down the aisle of the Atlanta Municipal Auditorium graduating from Fulton High School. I felt like it was me getting honors when she received her awards for secretarial studies that night, used later at Delta as Secretary to the big wheels. Then came our marriages… early!!! Our first employment kept us together as we worked side by side at Butler Shoe Corp. Saying goes …What comes after marriage? The baby carriage!!! I had Rob she held him and wanted one of those and 9 months later here came Kenny. See we’re still together!

Years have gone by and we are older now but still held tighter than ever. We laugh, we cry, we tell our deepest secrets, we problem solve, gain and lose and try all the diets, go camping and watch our guys set up our little abodes on wheels and comment on how nice it is to be treated like queens. Best of all, Aug 6, 1968 she and Lamar invited us to go to church, Maranatha Baptist Church in Forrest Park, Ga, that morning our lives changed forever as we accepted Christ as our Savior and Lord. You see, she not only cared about my life on this side, she cared about my life being on the other side giving us a love bond that can’t be broken.

So many years later, what I know now I didn’t know the day I met my BFF…it is she always has accepted me just like I am, and is so patient with me. She gives me advice I value, she gives me time when I call at the last minute knowing it’s Wednesday morning and she is getting in the shower trying to hurry to Kohl’s for the Wednesday sale.

Sandra loves God and is beautiful inside and out. She has taught me how a friend relationship works. In the last few years, I have entered into knowledge and understanding that I can have a friend relationship with my Heavenly Father. He wants to be my friend and me to be His. He has used this earthly person, as an example of how it works, always there, always has loved me anyhow, stands up for me, believes in me and is never ending. Now that’s a real friend! And that’s my Sandra….



Loneliness is something that we don’t want people to know. Been burned when you reached out? Feel lonely in a room full of people? In a marriage where you feel like you are the only one there? Feel like you are invisible in a group when you look around and see the ones with the most diamonds, driving the latest “ride” or how about this one, is the “most spiritual”? They are getting the most attention. Oh! The followers are all around them trying to find out the latest, or to make what I call “points” with that important person.

Caeden, our 8 year old grandson, is not letting that hold him back. Oh, the innocence of a child! One day he told his Dad, when he goes on the playground at school, he likes to look for the kid who has no friends; he goes over and asks them what they want to play? Not only does he play with them, he plays what they want to play. We are so grateful for our little guy and his unique personality. His teacher told Phillip and Amy every morning he goes into class and will go to each student asking how they are doing and if he can help them with something. Reaching out is helpful to others and ourselves more than we realize.

So a question would be, “how do you overcome Loneliness? One of the things I feel we have the tendency to do in today’s society is isolate ourselves. We can walk in a room full of people and feel lonely. That is what I described earlier. When you sense this emotion, it really helps to step back and take a look at what’s going on in the here and now. Loneliness can breed depression, which can lead to Self-Pity, and it becomes a vicious cycle. So take my advice, stop thinking about you and let others in sometimes. Develop friendships; it is healthy for both you and others. Learn some new things about the people you already know and the new ones you meet. Ask questions to get to know them, like “where did you grow up”, “what kind of work do you do?” It want be long before you will enjoy being in groups. Social skills are a learned skill.

Sometimes it helps to talk to a counselor or your pastor, a close friend you can trust. When you talk to someone in the care giving profession it is like you have a ball of thread inside that needs to come out as you talk and answer questions you are ask you find the answers are revealed. A person that can practice “active listening” as you share your feelings can help you see those things you aren’t aware of.

One more thing, life is so valuable! One day I thought, if God decided to create me, and if He took the time to create me, I might think of myself with a little more value than I had over the years. I began to find my Purpose in Life, developing a Mission Statement to accomplish that task. I discovered with this mindset, I had to include others in my circle. Oh how it changed things for me! I felt so dumb about this next thought… if Christ is my Life and He is, He might want to use me to help someone else. Since it is He doing it not me, I must not limit Him. It’s been different ever since. So get up, get out, and get started, look around give some of YOU away, you get back much more than you give, it just works that way. And Loneliness well, you want have time for it…