FYI.. picture to the right is the Oak slowly in the dying process!

This afternoon I was walking to my compost pile, taking some watermelon rind to deposit in my “handy dandy” compost bend. My brother made it for me one year for my birthday. I love that thing, especially when I need rich dirt for potting my plants. On this path I walk often, I saw it. I can spot it a mile away. I have an eye for it, if I am paying attention. When I see it I panic, because I can remember what I went through last year when I wasn’t paying attention while pulling weeds. Red blister like bumps came up on my arms and Oh My Goodness… did they itch for days. I was suffering from it! Yes it was Poison Oak! I talked to it and I said, “OK you little devil you think you are going to sneak in my yard, well you’ve got another thought coming! I ran to the basement and got my canister of Round-up. Still talking out loud, “I am going to spray you little suckers and in a day you will be history, now TAKE THAT!”

So you say, did I stop by your blog to hear about this…your yard pest? I got my own to take care of and I don’t want to hear about yours. But don’t go, hear me out, I think we should learn a lesson here. I was thinking, so what gets us so busy we don’t pay attention to harmful things, and if we touch them we get burned or have poison oak poison, causing you pain for days?

We have a friend who struggles with a bad habit. He knows if he touches this “thing”, it is down hill from there. And the sad fact, the choices we make affect those we love, as they get the fall out. If he succumbed to this habit, it is not so easy to get the canister of Roundup and spray it. Talking to him recently, there was a good discussion about “so what if I did to it” and “why can others do it and I can’t”. You know those are hard questions we just can’t answer, but I know one thing, we better pay attention and don’t be distracted by those things that take us away (that’s another blog you need to ready) or we will be FORCED to pay more attention to the consequences than we would like. The scars stay around longer than we want. So walk in the light, oh just as I typed those words Holy Spirit just popped this verse in my mind, 1 John 1:7 “but if we walk in the Light as He Himself is in the Light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin.”. You know He has provided everything we need to walk this path of life, each day of our lives. He will warn us if there is something in our path. Thank You Jesus for this promise show us the lighted path even when we are not paying attention make us aware of those things that would take us away from Your purpose for us!

(I am posting a picture of that wretched thing so you can see it and be aware of it and maybe tomorrow I will post another one…… of it dead!)


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