I am convinced after years on this earth, that Books are our Friends and we must treat them as such. I mentioned recently, I would tell you about my latest Library addition/friend, thanks to my friend June. She happens to know my appetite for books that help in my Spiritual growth, so she mailed me a good one! As I read each day’s devotion, I am amazed and I have to make myself not read ahead.

JESUS CALLING is the title written by Sara Young Sara. The writer was able to put together words in first person, speaking as Jesus would be speak to us. It absolutely soothes my soul and is right on with where I am in life for the day! It is an understanding she has and a work she developed, putting it into the written form that is a tool we can use daily. Holy Spirit has truly inspired her, as you read it you will see.

Hope you get a copy soon and be blessed as I am. Interesting thing happen last week, while encouraging a friend who is a pastor’s wife struggling with some personal issues, I read to her one of the days that was her birth date. She wept, as she realized the words I read were just what she had gotten that very morning while riding up for a visit. I was spell bound as she shared with me what Father had spoken to her heart, then to have those words revealed to her again as I read from this book. It sure had a message in it for her, like a telegram from God or I like to say, “That had God’s finger print all over it.”

Enjoy your books and read to grow. Who knows, maybe one day I will read the book you write. Then I will place it on my bookshelf, calling it my Friend….


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