Visited with a new friend the other day, a new neighbor from another country, in fact. She was so kind to me along with being so glad to make a new friend, she gave me gifts of jewelry from her country. I have them for you to see right here, couldn’t wait to show them to you. When someone gives you a gift for nothing just because they want to share with you, I like that!!!

My new friend is so interesting. I don’t have any friends that barely speak English. This is a new experience for me. You should have seen me talking with her. Tell me…why do you want to speak louder and use hand jesters when you are trying to converse with someone who doesn’t speak your language? I realized it when she was looking at me strange, and I began to talk lower and made good eye contact. Even with this two-way hindrance, I could still feel the growth of friendship and of kindness taking place.

This has made me want to reach out and help her by getting her acquainted with our town finding her way around, medical assistance, where to shop; getting the children into our culture so they can adjust to their school, and be available as a friend should be.

This is a new adventure for me and I am enjoying it already. I learned today during our visit a little bit of their lifestyle while I shared ours. When friendship develops I am seeing there are no barriers. I am looking forward to seeing her get to know our country and see how she can become accepted as we welcome her into our lives and great country.


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