Got a call from my friend around 8:00am this week telling me the news. Six years ago I told her when they called I wanted to be there for the whole thing. Well, the call came and I did go. It was a call from Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta GA to my friend, ironically while she was in the Dialysis Center, in her town, sitting in her chair she had sat in three time a week for four hours each time. She told me her cell phone rang, she answered and on the other end a lady said, “is this Mrs. Reaves?” and she said “yes”. The lady proceeded to tell her they had a Kidney waiting for her and to get there within four hours.

Hours later Phil and I meet them as they drove in from Alabama we joined them for the wait. Lots had to be done to make the transplant for her New Life! We watched and listened to all the details that would take place by the doctor as he spoke so seriously giving her his plan. As I listened carefully I looked at that young doctor and the thought went through my mind how one day he decided to go off to college and get educated to save lives. He was so helpful in telling my friend how he was going to do the operation and how hopeful he was at her future because this organ was from a young person and her life expectancy was promising. How awesome to think his skillful hands were able to place an organ inside someone that someone decided to donate to another to give them their life.

As I stood there listening to the happiness generating in that hospital room that afternoon I couldn’t help but think somewhere in this town there was a family of a young person planning a funeral. Words were spoken in prayer for this family as my husband stood in the midst of our friends in gratefulness. He ask for peace and comfort for this family in grief as they give their farewell to their loved one.

So I wish you could have been with me ……
So my friend will start her New Beginning as she leaves the hospital next Monday to go back home to Alabama. You know we do take things for granite as we live out each day, talking with her the other afternoon before surgery she said one of the things she wanted to be able to do was to just drink a whole glass of ice water. Well she can now……


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