Just want to share my heart today. Sitting here early this morning setting my mind for the day, praying for my friend who will be laying her Mom to rest this afternoon at 2:00. She had lived a good life but these last few years she had suffered so much pain. What a blessing to be home with those who have gone before her. She is going to be greatly missed.

I know there are others facing challenges today. Life can be hard sometimes but we have a God who loves us and surrounds us with His awesome care. If only we would stop an acknowledge that fact, living our lives out of His resources, but we tend to live it our way then wonder why He allows “stuff” to happen.

Looking into the Scriptures we read, “Come unto me all who are weary and burdened, I shall give you rest (Matt: 11:28). “Rest” did you hear that? Wow! That’s right we can have rest. I was overwhelmed with our tight schedule in the last few days. We had clients waiting to come to Safe Place, some who had been here calling with issues that still were lingering asking, “what can we do about this?” Then there were those little “time robbers” like the typical car breaking down, spilled something down the front of my blouse just as I was walking out the door, traffic, waiting in line for a price check for the person in front of me. I could fill my “stress level” rising and at that point, I thought “just BREATH Mary, BREATH!!

Just answer me how do you REST with all that going on? Well the above scripture says we can. I am in a place today that could rob me of my peace and I cannot afford that. I realize I cannot do it. That is so right, I CANNOT do it, but He CAN as I rest in Him. You know, when you live this way you don’t get tired because it is Him doing it and not you. He guides me and it all gets done. I then have a fragrance that is Him that draws others to Him. That is Peace and Contentment in action.

Hope whatever you are facing today you call on Him to face it for you. I just prayed that for you my friend!

Resting in His Lap with you……


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