So here we are with another day, what’s in it for you? Well we never know. To some I know you are dreading it because of some news you are waiting on, will it be good or bad? Then there is “just another day”, you say with boredom. But I know of people who wake up and jump out of bed, stretch and say, “look out world here I come” looking for what they can take in with great expectancy. Don’t you want the attitude of the latter?….

I just finished listening to a song called “He’s Alive” my mind went back to when Jesus hung on the Cross that day dying, taking our sin away and finally calling out, “It Is Finished”. How about how the woman felt when she went to the sealed tomb and found it open with Jesus gone? Wow! Can’t get my mind around that one! That had to be an excitement you cannot describe! Not only did she realize He had done the work on the Cross, she had to realize she had a life she could live facing all challenges because the work was done.

Today we can face all the “stuff” that comes our way, knowing He did go before us and paved the way. One day I came to the reality that I could not live my life anymore I was a failure at it, it was not working. I needed Someone to take over and live it for me and I gave up the reigns handing my life over to the One Who Could and it has been different ever since. I can get up each day and face whatever comes my way saying, “THIS THE DAY THE LORD HAS MADE”……


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