We are in our 9th day here at Schroon Lake, New York with Word of Life Ministries Staff Conference. Spending time with 52 couples who have committed their lives to going out into churches offering a Club Program to help build the lives of young people and WOW…. can our world use it!!!

Been enjoying their meetings and getting to know each couple and becoming familiar with the region they serve. How impressed we are to see their passion and determination giving to this cause.

As I walk around the premises here it is lovely we are staying in what is called The Inn with an indoor swimming pool the size of a lake. You can’t help but feel Jack Wyrtzen throughout this whole location. What a dream come true, years ago he came in this town and built a place to capture the hearts and lives of young people. He is in Heaven now but I some how feel he is well aware of what is going on. Hard to believe just one man’s vision could evolve into such a dynamic worldwide accomplishment.

The guys and gals serve all year out on the field once a year they all stop and gather, like coming home and have their meetings and loads of fun. Each day you never know what they are going to do in a game or skit. Yesterday I made a video of what took place. They used large pipes for each side to be pulled out into the audience and then threw balls into the crowd that were picked up and put into the pipes to see who could win by getting the most down that homemade shoot. It was wild and I never found out who won but I know it was lots of fun and laughter.

Never put a video here and this is the first so hope it opens for ya!… Here goes!!!


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