On this day December 11, 1961 at about 8:15 pm 49 years ago, Phil and Mary eloped to Conyers, GA. The exciting journey began! It has been an adventure we had no idea would turn out so awesome! Little did we know we would have this life, it just shows how God can take something so messed up and make something beautiful.

We are celebrating today in Maine all day, it will begin in Portland and all the way down to Kittery. We want to visit and sit on a bench we have claimed at Wells Beach looking out over the rocky coast, I will have a Lobster somewhere for lunch (Phil doesn’t care for them) we will drive through the neat little villages, and end with shopping at Kittery Outlet Mall. This area is our favorite place in this wonderful country. I think the Lord knows that and He has made it possible. I feel him smiling down on us and rather pleased I can say!

I have no idea what will be waiting for our 50th year. This one has been a miracle year so how can it be topped? You might want to hang around and watch with us. It will be interesting to see. We are so in love, each day builds on the one to follow. Now believe me, it hasn’t always been that way. One day, we decided to find out how to have a Biblical marriage and put it into action. It certainly has been a marriage that should not have worked, but with God all things are possible. Funny… now we are helping others do the same.

We have no pictures of a wedding. Some of you might know our story, Phil was only 16 when we got married and I was 18, he was still in High School. We attended his High School Jr Sr Dance at the Biltmore Hotel in Atlanta, GA five months after our marriage. So we do have one picture! What a night, we were all decked out, even borrowed our brother in law’s new Corvette…WOW! I wonder if Emmett really realized Phil was just 16 and did he even have a driver’s license yet? That’s scary!!!! So, this is the picture we have claimed for our official wedding picture. You can see how young and innocent we were. It was the beginning of a journey that is still evolving. I know one thing!!! I’m a happy wife, married to a wonderful man!!!

Got to go we have lots to do this day wish you were with us but maybe you will hear about it later…….


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