WORD AROUND HERE IS…..SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(This picture will have a special meaning for some of you that have passed through Safe Place House, wanted you to see what a beautiful sight it is right now. Its standing proud of its beauty with the snow all around.)

Sorry I haven’t been here lately. It’s not because I haven’t wanted to. Our trip was great we returned to a few days of regrouping and setting up for a gigantic Christmas with the kids and what do you know? Last Thursday night I started feeling funny and an hour later I was “bonding” with our sofa that became a part of me for the next four days. The next morning Phil began feeling funny and he became as ill as I was with the same stomach bug that we named the “Belly Demon”. So for 4 days we didn’t know if we would live, then we began to think we would and it got worst. Thank goodness for good neighbors that honored our request of Ginger Ale and Soda Crackers. Funny now, you should have seen him place the bags on our porch and running away. After a 6 lb lost for the each of us, we had to think of patching ourselves together and having Christmas, deleting my baking trends for the year! Well we survived that experience as you can see we got up and brushed it off and got on our way operating on half cylinders then back to full throttle as we do!

Then there was the White Christmas of 2010 as it was named around here in these mountains. It started in the afternoon my neighbor said and didn’t quit. Some folk on the highest ridges got 12 inches. We got 5 to 8 in our area total on the ground. We missed the snowball fights and sledding. The tracks and carefully built snowmen showed us, the fun they had while we were gone, when we returned,.

Wonder what is so exciting about a good snowfall? In our areas, the South, it is rare and makes you go rather crazy. We have to go to the store and get milk and bread. The shelves are empty before long. When you walk out of the store usually you can see the TV truck setting up for interviews of what we are buying in case we get stuck in our houses during the “frightful” storm. One year back in 1993 it was truly a bad one, I think they said as much as three feet fell and it was days until people were able to move so I think memories motivate shoppers to store up for the “next” one. Question? Why are bread and milk so important? That makes me wonder. I go for the bag of Snickers and Oreos and HAVE to HAVE Chip and dip. The makings for Chili are a must! You just have to buy that for a “snow in”…..of course!!!

We made it home safely and took lots of pictures. The temps are rising now and melting is on it’s way until another time. Looking out at God’s beauty it hard to believe people don’t know Him and acknowledge Him as our Creator. Now tell me!!! Who could have made these mountains and the beauty of show flakes, making each one unique in it’s own? Sorry folks out there that thing this all happened one day hate to interrupt your party but IT’S HIM! He one day spoke and was created and thank goodness He holds it all together…..

Psalms 8:1 “O LORD, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! You have set your glory above the heavens.”


One thought on “WORD AROUND HERE IS…..SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hi Mary Figured out how to leave you a note…I love the blogs…could you serve apple cider while I read them? Thank you for taking some of our snow…it's nice that you will share in the fun with us northerners!!! Makes you feel like you're still here doesn't it? Love you my friend Kay

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