In the last few days, we have had several conversations with people expressing their feelings of being discouraged and living defeated. I call it the time for “January Hohums”. Think about it, we are coming off of some great “Hoop-La” lots of Fun, Food and living in a land of Fantasy, you know what I mean. First it was Thanksgiving and then Christmas. And then here comes January, the month back to reality, back to work and back to the real world, where now we have to clean out the refrigerator while planning which diet program you will go on, clean the house from the decoration you just put away, and heaven forbid pay your Macy’s bill. I know I was in it all too! I coined this phrase with my grandson, Caeden. After a wonderful visit of several days the kids would have to leave to go home. The day would come for them to pack up, I dreaded that day. But it would come…. the “good byes”. His parents would place him in his car seat and he would look at me, bottom lip puckering and with those eyes that said “please go with me!” and in reality I couldn’t and oh how it would hurt! I then would look straight at him and say, “All good things have to come to an end so we can start over”. Don’t know why, but it seem to help him. Well, we can use that phrase with my subject here ending the year and starting over. And in reality we have to face it or we will miss something. I stay so excited about life I don’t want to miss any of it, good or bad!!!

So you are saying, “so how did you get off on that”? Well, its because I wanted to say that, to get to my point. This morning, I was doing my morning read as I enjoy every morning, with coffee in hand, and it was what I was feeling, I sensed you were too! When that comes on me I have to speak and talk it out. I want to live a life of Victory and I know you might be struggling to do the same thing, wanting it so badly and even “spinning your wheels” trying to have it. That is not necessary!!! Its already has been done. When you became a believer in Jesus Christ you got everything you needed to have that Victory as you walk in the Spirit and not after the Flesh. Those of you that have been through our program here at Safe Place were able to see those things that were “Defeat Makers”. Your “unique flesh patterns” were revealed to you “defusing” the hand of the enemy. You remember, those things you lived to get your way, or to make things better, you thought. It didn’t work that’s how you got to our office.

As I read my selected Devotionals this morning, I ran across this one and it was excellent for this subject today I just have to share it with you. I think it will show you who is at the bottom of our wrong thought life which leads to discouragement and living a defeated life. As you read it take it in and maybe even copy it and put it somewhere so you can see it often to be reminded of Who You Really Are, walking in Maturity of the Truth, because of the Work at The Cross by The One Who wants you to have The Life He Died For so you can Live In Victory!!

(Quote from Neil Anderson Devotional “Daily In Christ”)
“Before we received Christ, we were slaves to sin. But because of Christ’s work on the cross, sin’s power over us has been broken. Satan has no right of ownership or authority over us. He is a defeated foe, but he is committed to keeping us from realizing that. He knows he can block your effectiveness as a Christian if he can deceive you into believing that you are nothing but a product of your past, subject to sin, prone to failure, and controlled by your habits. As long as he can confuse you and blind you with his dark lies, you won’t be able to see that the chains which once bound you are broken. You are free in Christ, but if the devil can deceive you into believing you’re not, you won’t experience the freedom which is your inheritance. I don’t believe in instant maturity, but I do believe in instant freedom, and I have seen thousands of people set free by the truth. Once a person is free, you would be amazed at how quickly he or she matures!”

Wasn’t that good! Now go have yourself your January Turn Around Day that will be called your “get up brush yourself off letting all the stops out to believe the Truth day” and get started on your life that looks so bright you have to wear sunglasses, see ya later, got to go find my sunglasses……


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