Going through one of my journals the other day it was so much fun. Let me describe it.
Got my car keys, my journal bag (that’s my current read, Bible, Journal and pen) and set out about noon, did some shopping in our town Blairsville its small and it doesn’t take long. It was lunch time I was getting hungry, so I decided to do something light and low cost. Wendy’s seem to be a good place. I was surprised at the counter when the guy announced my selection was only $1.59, what a bargain! It seems that at Wendy’s if you are a senior your drink is free, at least that’s in my town. A small Caesar Salad and iced tea fit my budget calorie and money wise!

After eating I settled in at my table, flipping through the many pages I had written over the year I came across one that caught my eye. It was from Dec 2002, called “25 Things.. I Like it When…”. I had gotten this assignment from my son Phillip that morning. He had called and said, “Mom I want to give you an assignment that I just did”. I agreed right away, because that was a first from him to give me an exercise such as this. I share it with you today just as I had written it on that day so you see inside my heart and to begin this practice for yourself, it works. It gets your mind off the low things going on around you and causes you to think in the moment, getting your mind on things higher that really matter to you. Hope you enjoy reading my thoughts of that day, here goes….


1. I like it when I look over at Phil as he is driving and I am quite knowing he is in “his cave” as he calls it, having his “man time” that’s when he is creative, planning what is next on the agenda for us. I get excited but I don’t let him know.
2. I like it when I feel healthy in Spirit, Soul and Body.
3. I like it when I am in my study early mornings. I have had a good nights rest, had my energy drink, got my coffee, having my Quite Time, looking out the big window in front of me, seeing the morning sun reflect on the windows of the houses miles away on the mountains, its like I can hear God saying, “Good Morning my daughter, ready to start our day?”.
4. I like it when I have seen a movie that has a message that reaches my heart and I am “awe stuck” as I walk away speechless.
5. I like it when Phil tells me I am pretty or I look good in my outfit.
6. I like it when I sing a special song I made up for Caeden to make him go to sleep when he was a baby and now he tells me to stop because he knows that means its time to go to sleep and he is not ready, he’s so funny at almost 3!
7. I like it when snow is predicted and it happens. We are prepared all cozy and warm and life is on pause till we can get out moving around again.
8. I like it when a miracle happens with no explanation.
9. I like it when everyone dear to my heart is happy.
10. I like it when I have (or take) the time to just sit and find my center. It is what I call getting back in the real me.
11. I like it when I know God is allowing me to exercise my gifts in helping a hurting person. I know and can experience Him doing it and not me.
12. I like it when I am with Caeden and I see the openness and innocence’s of a child.
13. I like it when I can control myself in the area of health. I feel in touch with what I need to have a good life.
14. I like it when Caeden and I are playing and he tells me something from his heart.
15. I like it when we visit the coast of Maine in September in our RV slowly living each day just where we are.
16. I like it when the entire family is around our table, we have finished the meal they requested, then we tell the stories from the past laughing so hard.
17. I like it when I find a bargain walking away thinking maybe God had something to do with it.
18. I like it when I see a friend happy as they share a blessing.
19. I like it when I am reading a good book and can’t put it down.
20. I like it when I bake cookies, I take them from the oven and Phil wants one before I take them off the pan and then he brags on my cooking.
21. I like it when I have peace knowing it’s from my Father, even when things are out of control around me, knowing its good for me even though its out of my comfort zone.
22. I like it when I have candles lit, music playing, relaxing in a bubble bath after a busy day.
23. I like it when I attend family gatherings with my siblings and their children catching up with all the news since we were together the last time.
24. I like it when I sit on my porch in my swing on a warm summer night, the sunset has had a grand display, the sound of the first whippoorwill can be heard and life is still.
25. I like it when I know I don’t have to stop at 25….

Now, I hope you are motivated to make your list; you don’t have to stop at 25 either. Your life is yours and you can keep filling in good things….


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