Woke up this morning got my coffee and while getting ready to go upstairs to my place for my Quite Time and I heard it. I stopped, listened again and it was for sure the first pretty little sound I had heard in months. It was the sweet sound of a song bird right outside my window. The sound of Spring around the corner is in the air. I’m grateful for my friend in Vermont who reminds me of how many days until that first day of Spring. I can’t wait to put my shovel in the moist dirt and place my pretty colorful annuals in the ground, can you?

My mind wonders to how it happens. On a Saturday morning we awake to a beautiful morning, the sun is shining, the birds are singing we dress and hit the road for breakfast in our little town. The Saw Mill Restaurant has a biscuit the size of your hand. If I feel like I can be rewarded I will order one with their one of a kind gravy on the side. I will cut it in half and that means one side will be for gravy and the other will be for butter and syrup to “sop” it in as we say in the South…oh yum makes me want to get in the car right now. Well I can’t today, so moving right along with my detailed event. After our delicious breakfast and talking with friends we see along the way we head on up to our Home Depot store and there they are. Rows and rows of well-watered plants are just waiting for me. I can almost hear them laugh with joy to see me, saying “pick me, pick me”. It is at this time I have learned to keep it simple, because I have come to realize what I buy right now I will have to maintain later. My project has to be within my budget and schedule, remembering a good rule “what we get we have to take care of”.

Walking down the aisles I am feeling so happy this season is here again. The impatience are offered in every color. The running petunias are the latest fad and are colorful. Funny, I’ve noticed I end up having a color scheme each year it all depends on what I want at the time. I have to remember what I will be able to take care of and it is so hard to walk away from some of these beauties. The reds, yellows, purple fuchsia I thing will make a beginning for my color scheme this year but you know what I think it will be some of all these colors. Then when they all make their splash of color it will make a beautiful display on my table when we have friends over. Ah the thoughts of Spring, makes you forget the harsh winter that will go on record, go out and enjoy it with me…


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