Why am I feeling like the whole world is? I am feeling this way today and fighting off what feels like a cloud over me that want leave me alone. I think I need a break from the TV news channels, I keep flipping back and forth like I have to know what is happening right NOW!!!. So many people hurting and I can’t fix it! I am a fix it person, and love Accounting and in Accounting you Reconcile Accounts. It’s a coming to a resolve and it gives me a rush. Like well that’s over!!! But these problems that surround me today I can’t fix them…

But today I have my own issues, the world has its own issues and just then a call was ended with a wife that has an issue in her marriage and so she has her issues and on and on it goes, it just hurts!!!

So are you relating? Here is my resolve, in my mind this morning, I had words to a song going on. I am not a person with musical talent so I have to use Goggle and Itunes for my information. I Goggled the words that were in my mind “Jesus My All in All” and I found it. I will put it here for you to see. It calmed me down to a rest in my Soul. My prayer for you is that this will give you rest in your Soul as it did mine…


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