“Look for the Second Right Answer.”

Read this statement and it triggered my thinking to step out of my box of thinking always this is the way it is and it will not change and I am right, so there you go!

Do you always think you are right? Well think again…

Yeah! I have been there and done that. How do we know what is right I think we better take a minute or longer and give this some thought. Keep it simple.

I am finding out in this world today we better know what we believe and believe what we know. Things can come along and take you away as fast as a tidal wave. Phil has said before “If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything”. In this day and time we had better cling to what is The Truth.

Speaking of Truth what is Truth? Where can you get the Truth? You can’t get it from TV, or the Internet. I want to say you can’t get it from people, but that thought breeds non-trust and I believe that is unhealthy when we can’t trust our friends and it will take us down as a Nation. That is what is going on right now.

So here’s the answer… You can always get the Right answer and Trust the One Who is the Same Yesterday, Today and Forever, and His Name is Jesus! When things are falling apart all around you, people have failed you, He is there and He will never leave you.

I’ll never forget when I came into Faith. I was asked right off the bat to take a 3rd grade Sunday School Class. I didn’t know anything about the Bible but I had my SS quarterly that was put in my hand like “here go teach this”!!! I took it, and little did I know and those little children, that their SS teacher was learning it with them. One of the illustrations I was told to teach I haven’t forgotten, is a little exercise and here it is. Some nights when I am feeling lonely as I am falling asleep I will do this simple little Truth in Action! Hold one hand up in front of you, take your other hand and point at your fingers and say this five word sentence one word at a time on each one….”Jesus will never leave me” You can go from left to right and back and forth and the middle finger will always be the word “never”. Sometimes when in a crowd, I hold that “never finger” and say “It’s You and me Lord” and THANK YOU FOR NEVER LEAVING ME BECAUSE WE ARE ONE!!!

Hebrews 13:8 “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever”. ….AND YES WE ARE ONE!!!


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