Yes! I feel better again thanks to good medical attention. I still have a little bitty ways to go to full capacity but flying low giving my body time to heal but can’t wait to get back to myself with good health, and it is just around the corner. I’m back home and sitting here remembering a day when I had been going through the middle of a melt down during my menopause days. Oh! How I look back and think what I put my family through. I wish I knew then what I know now; I would have made sure to live those days in a calmer manner.

It went like this, similar to now our family was clicking along like clockwork and “BAMB” in came the storm, which would be me! Yes! I was not dealing well with all that was around me they, everybody seem to irritate me whatever they did I would bark and sometime biting.

Robbie and Phillip were still living at home growing up and living their lives but learning how to walk around me not near me. Our house was in disruption and I was at the core of it. It was at that time I was introduced to a song that comes to mind when I come out of the days I have had this past week, ending up in the hospital and thinking what hit me. Back in the 80’s one day, Rob came in and gave me a CD and told me to listen to a certain song, he said it would bring “my happy” back making me feel better. I did and it did! To this day that song pops in my head at a certain time and I know I am getting better and coming out of the storm of life. Funny this morning, if you were here and looked the window, this last day of March you would see nasty weather. Its cold and strange for this time of year feels like this past winter that was brutal is still trying to hold on and not leave but that song is in my head and it makes all this better and I know that better is coming REAL BETTER!!! Listen and see what it does for you…

(Only one glitch in this day, wouldn’t you know it! I can not get this song from Youtube to download so I will give you the URL to click on or copy and paste in Google and WALLA you’re there!!! I knew Plan B would work! So there you go…With that out of the way, go and see for yourself what this “feel good” song will do for you, it can make even tired snow angels recover! As you listen just think of what Rob wanted me to hear that day. Right now I am overwhelmed just thinking how I love my kids, that love me anyhow! What more could I ask for?)


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