“God is not the author of confusion or discord. So if you’re experiencing either of these be assured that it is an enemy attack allowed by God for the end purpose that His name be glorified.”

A friend posted this quote today on facebook and I could SO relate, how about you? Seems there’s a lot of this going on in the world today. “Conflict and Confusion” think about it! When it was present in Joseph’s life, his brothers used and abused him, to say the least. In the end it turned out to be good, so could this be a picture for us to look at while we walk through life’s dark days of despair and disappointments? Well a big “YES” I can speak out for you and me!!! Maybe we should just rest in this fact and wait with patience believing Romans 8:28 that “all things work together for our good” but mainly for His good according to this quote.

Today this one was a short one, but I just know you need it. And remember, “Don’t doubt in the dark what you decided to do in the light”. The day is coming when we will see what the whole picture looks like. Right now we can only see the backside of the canvas. I know you are saying that it doesn’t make sense, but when we turn the picture over at the appointed time, you will get to see what the picture reveals…..and you know what? It will be so beautiful!


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