“YOU NEED TO BE BROKEN”… Are you reacting to those words? I think you might be, because when I said those very words to someone in our office one day, they reacted strongly! Later in his sessions, he understood the principle of Brokenness, a time of coming to the end of himself! After working through unmet needs, unhealed hurts and unresolved issues he was able to be free to become who he was created to be. I might add today, he and his wife have a very successful counseling practice. They’re leading people away from strongholds and teaching them about Brokenness. We still laugh about that day in our office 20 years ago. They both experienced the initial transaction of Brokenness. Afterward you are never the same and your life in Christ really can begin, like the children of Israel crossing over into The Promise Land. It doesn’t mean you will never have any troubles, you will. The difference is the bearers are torn down between you and Father. The children of Israel experienced small battles but they were BROKEN and lived His will instead of theirs….

So what does it mean to be Broken? As a wife with a strong will, I learned about it early in our marriage. One day Phil challenged me in a setting you don’t want to hear about. It was a bad day at Black Rock. I was determined to have my way. I said a lot of words loudly! To be honest, it was I doing all the talking, as he stood quietly. I felt so small. We finally came to the conclusion; we had to work on that!!! I am so glad we didn’t walk away leaving it unresolved. Phil said it was like a wild horse being broken, after I gave up MY reigns. It was then we were free to be me and he was free to be himself in the relationship. The “word picture” my husband used that day about the horse made me understand that our relationship with God works the same way. He wants us to let Him have control, walking by Faith in Him, trusting our life in His hands. It’s a time when we come into an understanding of who we are in Christ, developing the relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. What Adam did in the Garden, Christ took care of on the Cross! He died for our sin, taking away our Old Nature and making us alive in our brand New Nature.

We attended a conference a few weeks ago. John Lynch, author of Bo’s Café was the speaker. He was such a great presenter. He had his wife Stacy share in one session on how they worked through some things. She described it perfectly, and brought the house down when she said, “I like me, you like me, so why don’t we be like me?” Well if you are in a marriage relationship you know things don’t go so well like that. God designed marriage to be a team sport but there has to be a captain and God says in Ephesians 5:23 the husband “IS” the head. Our relationship with Father parallels with the marriage relationship, a picture is worth a thousand words. Lets watch a video presented by a friend of ours, Katy Pistole. You might want to contact her and schedule a time where she can come to your group; she travels across the country with horse trailer in toe, serving Jesus wherever He sends her. As she presents Beautiful Brokenness with her horse Shooter, along with the testimonies of the women who have attended her conferences, let Father speak to your heart showing you His love as you watch…


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