We had the best time today! We’re in a cool spell right now, didn’t get up above the mid 50’s that’s unusual for this time of year. Made it nice for our walk in the park. Phil said, “let’s go around 2:00 this afternoon for our walk”. It was a jacket day with sweatshirt and jeans. Good thing I had left over winter things still in my jacket pockets, the headband and warm gloves came in handy. The wind was blowing a bit; the water was rushing over the stones in the river beside the trail. The active squirrels were out chasing each other, don’t know if it was mating season or they were enjoying the cool weather. We had it all by ourselves. The peace and quite was just what the doctor ordered, can’t wait until tomorrow’s walk…

After arriving home Phil said, “Do we still have some of my cookie mix Kay sent me from Vermont?” I knew what he wanted; it was a hint for me to rattle the pots and pans whipping up a batch of his favorite Gingerbread cookies. I thought, how he loves to smell the aroma through out the house. I love to see him walk over and take a look deciding which one he wants to try first, as he is trying to wait patiently for them to cool. I wanted to make him some of my best. I made them each so big he would have enough as he selected one. Here they are hope you can smell them, wish you could reach out and have one…

Hope you had as good a day like we did. Although it was a cloudy dreary day, we made it a good one designed just for us. See you next time with something that is going on around here in my life…….


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