Someone told me this week they felt like a cat chasing their tail, can you relate? We all need to stop some of these things and take time to smell the roses? I think it is simple just kick back and relax here let the music play while you smell the roses! Imagine their fragrance as you take a look around as you slow down…

Sitting in our truck last week while Phil went into the bank, I made an observation. It was a busy time of the day at noon, people were racing by my window trying to get to the bank to be “first” or maybe they were on their lunch hour and had to make sure they did their banking transactions fast. I just sat and watched then I looked over and noticed the roses. Right in the front of the building these beautiful bushes were in full bloom of red roses. There they were displaying their beauty, no one was noticing as they ran by. It made me sad to think people were too busy to even notice they were blooming for the season and they would soon be gone for another year.

That’s when I got out of the vehicle and captured the moment with pictures to remember what beauty they had made for us to enjoy. Maybe we are too busy to STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES. So whatever you are doing today take time to stop and do three things. Exercise your senses, LOOK to see some beauty around you, LISTEN to the hear some sounds of silence even it you have to wait for the nighttime and hear some crickets or the first of the evening whippoorwills and SMELL the fragrance of a flower. I did that day, as I stood and took in the sweet fragrance of the many roses.


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