Over the years I have observed lots of people from all directions in life. One of the things I notice lacking is they live way too busy and serious, most of the time. They’re trying to either survive the mess they are in, or they are spinning their wheels trying to be enough for themselves or someone else in a PBA (Performance Based Acceptance) lifestyle. They are busy trying to make enough money to make ends meet or they are sitting around doing nothing in what our grandson calls “Code B” meaning… BORED! All these things are sad to me when you could be enjoying life. I don’t mean being lazy, not responsible but it’s about having a mindset like a child. You can use what I call, the “KISS” method. I call it, Keep It Simply Simple!

Yesterday we went to Atlanta; Phil just had to go by the Apple Computer Store, which is like a candy store to him. I can’t complain, since he is my Tec Support, when he

goes in there I benefit. We ate at the food court and he went on his way to having “his way of fun”. I finished my food and just sat and watched people. This mall we go to has a Carousel on the border of the food court.
It captured my attention.

I watched happy kids get on and off. The music was happy; the sounds of laughter and the smiles brought a good feeling in me. I noticed on the surrounding areas sat grandparents or parents, they would wave every time their child would come back around, giving even bigger smiles each time. As I went to leave I walked by a grandmother waving. I smiled at her and said, “lots of memories being built right here” and she nodded and said “Oh Yes!” as she kept waving…..

My mind races back to a place my parents took me to ride the merry-go-round. It was called Lakewood Park. We lived almost next to the park, one street over. You could sit on our porch and hear the sounds of the Fairgrounds, especially in the fall season.

I couldn’t wait for daddy to pay for my ride, and then stand in line waiting for the man to swing open the gate and say, “you can get on now”. As I stepped up on the platform that was waiting for its participants, my friend Sandra and I would search frantically for the best outside one that would give us the best ride. It was a race because there were others doing the same thing. We would finally find one that was not stationary. Oh, that was major important! It had to go up and down and we had to be next to each other. We would get on and hold on tight waiting for the guy to start it going round and round. As it went around we felt the breeze blowing in our blond curls. We felt like we were the “stuff” looking over to see who was watching in the crowd of people. I saw mom and dad smiling, waving each time I went around. I can still hear the sounds of the music today. That must be the reason I was so spell bound at the mall yesterday. The music, laughter, the smiles, the kids running to find that special one to ride did make me think back to the days I was a child and how to have fun.

We need to stop neglecting the little child within us. We need to laugh more, explore more, discover what it’s like to have fun…… again!


One thought on “SO HOW DO YOU HAVE FUN?

  1. Being from "that side of town" I can relate to your memories of the Lakewood fairgrounds! There was no other place like it and yes I can also relate to the feeling of the carousel experience as they have one here at Southlake. I love to watch the kids and their carefree expressions as they go 'round and 'round…Why do we have to make like so complicated?

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