What a great day, the over night rain brought cooler weather.  I was able to turn off the A/C and open the windows.  The breeze had a fall feeling in the air, made me begin to look forward to it.  Kicked back, took my new Birds and Blooms Magazine, a friend subscribed for me, and enjoyed reading it outside in my swing.  This is what reminded me to get outside.  I turned the page I saw this and it reminded me I have been too serious with inside stuff ……

 On one page I saw this beautiful sunflower the picture reminded me of how very soon we can ride and see a field of Sunflowers standing tall facing the sun……

The birds were singing so loudly today it brought me back into the moment.  I looked out at my mountains.  The trees are growing up so that it looks like the mountain ranges I have enjoyed these 11 years are getting lower….

On the other side of my porch the red from my crepe myrtles were catching my attention.  I love it when they finally make their display for the year, don’t you?  What a southern feel…….

To cap off my day the sunset was a pleasant display like God was saying Enjoy This It’s For You….

Hope your day was a good one too!!!


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