Don’t know how you answered that question, but if you don’t know how to dance, you better get busy learning!   The old saying, “Life is a dance you learn as you go” is true!  It seems like lately, I’m either in a storm, getting ready to go in one or coming out of one.  Don’t want to sound negative, but actually, it is what life is all about if you are growing in your Christian walk.  Hey! If we didn’t have those times it would be boring or we would not learn the lessons in life that are valuable to our spiritual muscles to make it in this world.
I wrote this today because as I sat here looking around the room I saw on the table beside me a candleholder a bought about a year ago I liked because of the quote that reminds me to learn to Dance in the Rain. 
 As I look to my left on the table I have a plaque with my favorite verse on it that goes with the storms of life.  It is a reminder that when times gets tough I must focus on the One Who is watching over me through the storms! 
Don’t know what storm you have on your path but hope this is a reminder for you too!  He is right there with you and That’s a promise…….. KEEP DANCING!!!

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