This time of year the sun sets right in front of our porch and they are beautiful!

Around 7:00 pm in July we know it is time to settle down to get ready for our sunset.  Our grandson Caeden was visiting this month, we enjoyed waiting to see what it would be like for that night…..
At 8:30 or so, we begin to pick our place in a rocker or the swing to watch the evening display……
Each night it’s different.  Some nights, if there are no clouds, we know it will be a sunset of mostly orange.
If there are clouds, it will reflect off of them giving hues of pinks to purple from bright to dark shades. 
Some nights we enjoy sitting in front of a nice cozy fire in our Chiminea…..
One night the reflection on our front door was an add surprise…..

The sun slowly sets, as you see the bright ball of red slowly slip behind mountain ranges.  The colors seem to envelop the sky….
Quietly sitting there I begin to think, someone on the other side of this world will be getting ready for that same sun to start their day and we are settling in for the night and our hours of rest. 

This is all a wonder and who in this world can even dare think there is no God?   


 He made the Heavens and the Earth, the night and day and controls them all.  This verse comes mind…    Psalm 19:1 “The heavens are telling of the glory of God; And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.
Stop and look around you can see Him ……


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