Gratefulness fills my heart as I sit here thinking back on the event of 45 years ago, our second son Phillip was born.  At 8:26 pm July 27, 1966, I was told I had another boy 8 lbs and 6 ounces and 22 inches long.  I became ….A Mother Twice….

Over the years of his life he has been through many trials, we have watched him triumph over them all.  As a young child I remember the day in VBS his teacher came to us telling us he ask Jesus in his heart.  Because of that day he lives his life trusting his Heavenly Father.  He has a servant’s heart that expresses itself at his church he loves and outside in his daily life as he meets those in his path.  This day I want to express my love to him being a proud mom seeing him being a Gentle Giant for God, a loving Husband to Amy…

and a devoted Father to Caeden…

May God’s Peace, Blessing, Provision, Comfort, Leading and Wisdom be upon you over and above anything you can ask or even think!  Your family loves you dearly!!!……..

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