Being an American, living in the Great United States, it makes me proud to see one of our soldiers out in public, dressed in uniform.  It could be in a restaurant, the Mall or at the Atlanta Airport…… 

Today I had a minute, so I looked through the many pictures we’ve taken over the years, this one stood out.  It caused me to reminisce about the day Caeden our grandson, met “ Our Heroes, The Men of Our Military”, that’s how his proud Granddad introduced them to him. 
It was in July of 2007, Caeden was 5 years old then.  That was four years ago, it seems like yesterday, time does fly by!  We were waiting on someone to arrive at the airport.  Going early we were able to show him around.  It was his first time to visit the big “Atlanta Hub’ where people arrive and depart from all over the world.  It was such a fun time getting to see his big eyes get bigger as he looked around, so fascinated. As we sat eating an ice cream cone we looked over at a group of soldiers waiting to head out to do their job.  That caught Phil’s attention so he took Caeden over among them. It wasn’t long till he had gotten right in there with them.  He had lots of questions.  Nothing would do for me with the camera, but to capture that “Kodak Moment” to hold on to for the future, and today is one of those times to share with you…… 
Take a good look at these brave men (right click to enlarge). I couldn’t help think that day, these men left their families, going to another part of the world giving us freedom we have today. 

That’s a day Caeden will always remember……I know his granddad and grandmom will!!!

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