Can’t believe it is that time again.  Don’t know about you, but I am enjoying my Facebook friends posting pictures of the first day for their Kindergartner.  Their emotions  expressed makes me tear up a bit, though.  I remember when these babies were born and it seems like just yesterday. 

As I think of our children going off from home for their first day or those going back for the next year of education, I am so grateful for teachers.  Just think, they have given their lives to educate our children who will be growing up in our country and world.  Seems to me that they enjoy it better as their teachers are using their creativity to make their environment fun for learning.  It is better than when I was in my school years.  New and fun ideas sets for a non-threatening environment in the classrooms, especially on their first day going out into this big world of education.
My thoughts go out to our teachers and especially to a friend of ours who gave up her teaching career on our American soil to become a Missionary to children and teenagers in the foreign country of Romania. Because of her obedience, we were made aware of the special need and her deep burden.  These kids don’t have the privilege of a family to care for their daily needs and to share their lives.  They live on the streets and in the culverts of the city.  She is a special young lady. We respect her calling, standing behind her as she goes out caring for children who do not have a home or the privilege of an education. I was thinking the other day about the fact she is taking the classroom out there to them.   Father couldn’t have chosen anyone better than Jennie O’Kelly to carry the Good News of the Gospel to this lonely community!!!  Our prayers and support are behind her and whatever you are doing today Jenny we just want you to know…. we are SO proud of you, our prayers and love go with you!!! (an added note as I was writing this she sent a note that popped up on my screen from Romania!  And in the next moment Phil was on Skype and we had a great visit as though she was right here how fun was that!!!)
I leave you with these thoughts of just how fragile our children’s lives are.  In the Development Of A Child’s Life, so much can be done in a positive way or “yes” in a negative way.  Let’s focus on the positive!
  • If a child lives with Conflict, he learns to Fight.
  • If a child lives with Fear, he learns to be Apprehensive.
  • If a child lives with Pity, he learns to feel sorry for himself.
  • If a child lives with Ridicule, he learns to be Shy.
  • If a child lives with Shame, he learns to feel Guilty.
  • If a child lives with Encouragement, he learns to be Patient.
  • If a child lives with Praise, he learns to be Appreciated.
  • If a child lives with Acceptance, he learns to Love.

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