Just had to share these thoughts  with you today, it is too good to pass up!  Racing through our days they can become overwhelming, right?  I can answer for you, with a big “YES”! Can you relate to the above picture? 

 We have had a well earned phase we say around our household…. “WELL Who ain’t!!!”.   We coined that phrase many years ago after I had gone to the doctor feeling SO tired.  I was convinced I had some bad disease.  Luckily, I had a doctor that wouldn’t let me whine!  Dr. Hillsman made “great calls” on diagnosing my conditions when I would go in for a visit.  Being a pastor’s wife at the time, I had been “spinning my wheels” doing ministry.   One day I went in ready to convince him I was really coming down with “something”.   He sat listening to me with patience and full attention.  While I shared my concerns describing my symptoms, I looked at him expecting some sympathy, I said, “doctor I’m just tired”.   He looked up from my chart right at me as he was seated on his stool with his skinny little leg crossed over the other, and said…”WELL…Who ain’t!!!”.  So that day he put me in my place and gave this family a one liner we have used since then.  That one sentence with three words accomplishes just what it says.  I went away that day with a feeling of wellness, which proves it can all be in the mind.  We can buy into a lie and build on it, as I did that day, thinking something was bad wrong with me!

Well back to my morning experience.  While reading my Scripture reading for the day, and a devotional I selected, I got a telegram from God.  The message is “I AM and I am here and it’s alright, I WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU, even in your overwhelming days.”  Right then I looked out my window and there it was.  It had just finished raining heavily, and then the sun began to appear for the day and Wow!

Right out my front window was a beautiful rainbow only He could put there for me.  I felt like the only person in His world at that moment and He was speaking to me.  Enjoy it with me and when you look at it, what ever you are facing, you can hear the same message for you because He does this for you too! OH HOW HE LOVES US….



  1. We have both been treated to a rainbow in the last 24 hours…no surprise that Father is speaking to both of us. He is able, my friend. Be encouraged. Part of the book, He Loves Me, teaches that we can ask Father to reveal Himself to us in special ways…what a great revelation of His mindfulness of you and I.Love the blogs Mary and Love you too.

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