Last week we got up early and decided to go camping in the woods, actually at Vogle State Park situated at Vogle Lake with mountains surrounding.  It has a very nice campground, only 24 miles from our house.  Making it an easy trip, we packed a few clothes, took the food we already had and headed out in our faithful RV.  Finishing a “hunk of work” as we call it, requiring a good bit of focus time. We love working conflict resolution in the lives of His children.  It can get overwhelming at times. We practice a rhythm such as “work/release, work/release”.  So we took some “release time” to enjoy some R&R and see the waterfall we love below the lake above…..
It had been one year to the week since we had packed our camper and rolled off the property.  Like other folk tight budget and gas prices being so high it has altered our travels. We recognized our space had become “TOO TIGHT” so we took care of that….
After arriving and selecting Lot #56, Phil finished all his work setting up our place and… was finally able to get to his chair to enjoy our relaxing time….

I finished setting up inside and got in my Camping Lafuma Chair, put it back all the way and here was my view as I read and looked at the back of my eyelids….

I discovered a tree takes on a whole different view when you sit at its base and look up at its tall growth that took years to develop its AMAZING!….

These trees surrounded us with a feeling of protection as we sat and enjoyed cooler weather and the feeling of fall soon on its way …..

Let me take you on a tour of our house on wheels….
 As you come in, on the right is our bedroom with lots of storage above and beside the bed.  The bed lifts up for storage underneath and is cedar lined.  On cool nights, with the windows open you sleep like a baby with the night sounds right outside your window.
Looking to the left is our kitchen and living area.
 My kitchen has all the conveniences of home.
I like eating in the booth with more storage under the seats, and it is used as our desk to study….
Notice the sofa behind the table, it makes into a queen size bed. Also the table will convert into a bed…
In the bathroom, a nice size shower is to the right of the lavatory. I love the large closet for all my clothes, which is a joke. Phil says he has to hurry and put his clothes in or he will not have room for his. Honestly, I really try to share making room for his but you know us girls!!!

This is a view from the bathroom looking back toward the entrance.  

While in tow, we pull the chair to the door. The electric slide pulls in almost to the sink area with a little place to squeeze by when we stop for our meal or a bathroom break while traveling.  It’s so nice while traveling to stop and have all you need for rest or eating in instead of in a restaurant.  We say all these money savers give us fuel money to head anywhere in the USA to see God’s creation…..

Glad you could visit us today, now Phil is waiting outside to go on a long walk lets go join him……….


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