Last Friday night was our date night, we have been dating on a Friday nights for years.  It’s a fun time, it can be a movie or just a ride out into the mountains to maybe go to the top of Brasstown Bald, it’s the highest point in Georgia or sit by one of our beautiful lakes. 

We eat at one of our Restaurants in our town.  We don’t have to decide much it’s always back to Cook’s for one of their grilled hamburgers all the way with everything on it and their fries are the best!
We decided we had not had Barbeque lately so that was our selection and was a good one.  Then I said to Phil let’s be bad, it has been too long since we just got something “ooouie gooouie.”  We had enough of the lettuce and sugar free stuff so here is what we got.  I am sorry I made him sin with me but you know the old saying, “misery loves company” wonder if that is what Eve said?.  I repented the next morning though…….
See for yourself wish you could reach out and take a bite.  Come see us and we will take you to get one…..

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