And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus,” Eph 2:6 NIV

Can’t get over it!  The fact we are In Christ and Resting in His finished work on the Cross, and that’s not all we are Seated with Him in Heavenly realms,….. and it IS a done deal! 

If we believe that then why do we live recklessly in the “Not Trusting Mode”? Yeah, that’s me!  Over the years I have discovered I have the tendency to slip back in my unique flesh patterns “Worry, Doubts and Fear”. I worry about the past, worry about the future, doubt the past events, doubt the future events, fear what has happened in the past, fear what is going to happen in the future and on and one.  Do you relate?

So what’s the answer?….
This morning I did a study on this verse and here’s some quotes and comments from Commentaries on this subject:
Found this quote from Corrie Ten Boom that says volumes, and remember she went through the fire in her lifetime, to say the least, yet trusted Him…. makes me ashamed to even say I’ve had difficulty, she says:  “We are seated with Him looking down, from ABOVE, on our circumstances from a place of REST & peace in Him, INSTEAD of us being UNDER our circumstances from a place of defeat and turmoil. ” If you look at the world, you’ll be distressed. If you look within, you’ll be depressed. If you look at God you’ll be at rest.”
I downloaded a free PDF copy of the book (and you can too BTW), “Sit, Walk and Stand” by Watchman Nee to look at this subject. In the chapter on “Sit” he says,
Adam, we are told, was created on the sixth day. Clearly, then, he had no part in those first six days of work, for he came into being only at their end. God’s seventh day was, in fact, Adam’s first. Whereas God worked six days and then enjoyed his Sabbath rest, Adam began his life with the Sabbath; for God works before he rests, while man must first enter into God’s rest, and then alone can he work. Moreover it was because God’s work of creation was truly complete that Adam’s life could begin with rest. And here is the Gospel: that God has gone one stage further and has completed also the work of redemption, and that we need do nothing whatever to merit it, but can enter by faith directly into the values of his finished work.
Clarkes Commentary says:
And hath raised us up together in Christ – Or rather, by Christ; his resurrection being the proof that he had made the full atonement, and that we might be justified by his blood. Believing, therefore, the record which God gave of his Son, we received this atonement, and were raised from a death of sin to a life of righteousness; and now we sit in heavenly places – we have a right to the kingdom of God, anticipate this glory, and are indescribably happy in the possession of this salvation, and in our fellowship with Christ Jesus.”

I ask the question, How are you doing Resting in Him? Are you Seated or do you feel like you have to do still do something to be good enough to get to Heaven?, or  Are you always trying to fix things in your life instead of letting Him have it?  Today begin to Rest in Him and just… Sit in His lap and smell His robe…..


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