They are all around us some we know and some we don’t know.  Everyday as we walk around in public we don’t even know if they pass us they are the Cancer Survivors….

Krista is one I wrote about a year or so ago, we watched her bravely face her challenges. The loss of her hair didn’t stop her, she made it a time to gather hats and scarves and to cover her head while her body reacted to the treatment that killed the cancer trying to take over her body.  Just last week at church, I walked up to her smiling because she had just had her first haircut after it had grown back.  She wanted me to feel her hair and see how good it felt. I am so proud of her.
Krista shows Pink…..
 Rita is just starting out on that journey.  This week after meeting with the doctors she now has to decide which route to take.  It is up to her to make decisions that will conquer this dreadful disease called Cancer.  She depends on her Heavenly Father just as Krista did and does.  They give Him all the glory.
Oh how we all love Rita and Shannon her daughter leads us!!!

Looking through my Facebook friends post today I came across Dee’s photos that are so beautiful, she is in full recovery after a long journey with the whole shock of the discovery, the decisions, the treatment and now getting her life back.

Dee brave survivor now enjoying her life again…..
 I close with a picture Dee posted on Facebook, she’s at the beach she loves.  She posted a picture of the sun setting, it is so beautiful.  As I looked at it I thought how she must feel to be able to see another sunset.  I place it here for you to enjoy too!……

Pray for all these ladies and all the others who are out there waiting for answers, going through treatment, the families standing by them and be thankful for those in the medical field who have given their lives for the cure and cause……..


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