I have to say our “Fun Capacity” had been broken lately. With “health issues”, lack of “fun money” and “loss of focus” we had let it slip. We have to have a get-a way every once in a while to keep our engines running at an optimum speed to get the job done in our work/calling in life. I knew there was FUN LOOKING FOR A PLACE TO HAPPEN.  We had gotten way too serious and had almost forgotten about it….

Last week I was getting up tight way too much!  That’s when I recognized it, I think Phil saw it before me, he knows me so well.  Last Thursday night out of the clear blue I said, “you know what? I have got to get out of here!!!”  I mention a plan and Phil had already thought of it and had it in place.  We shared ideas and they were the same. I guess after so many years together we do think alike.  We had the same idea of packing a small bag, leave the next morning and drive up to Virginia and get on the Skyline Parkway and slowly go South.
We left at 8:00am from Blairsville, checked in our motel that night at 7:00pm.  The next morning it was raining just a little but we didn’t mind it made it a nice day to get on the Parkway without a crowd.  The mid 40’s made you feel winter was coming around the corner and after the hot summer this year it felt nice.  Sorry you Vermont friends, I know that’s not what you are thinking! 
One major component for this trip is a trip to Dunkin Doughnut next to the motel before we get on our track. After selections of our favorites among the beautiful display and a thermos of coffee filled with their great coffee we were ready to go.  Hit it lucky they had just put out fresh Fall flavors, Pumpkin Spice muffins and doughnuts and the Apple Spice ones too.  That combination seems to do it for us every time. We said, “its just what the doctor ordered” in this escape from the rat race.
We did lots of talking about subjects we don’t usually talk about while riding and looking out the windshield.  Why is it that two people that live together have to get in a “down time” atmosphere to do some deep talking?  I don’t know but it is a must in our case!
 I took pictures to give you an idea of what we experienced.  Enjoy them with us!….
 When you drive south the first campground you come upon is Matthews Arm Campground.  What is interesting is before it closes for winter people like to go and watch for the bears come in.  Bear hunt for food to pack their bellies for their winter hibernation.  The big oak trees provide that with acorns everywhere.  You can stay in your place and watch all the bears eat and they don’t bother you of course you stay in your place. If you hit it right in mid Oct it makes for some good entertainment….. 
 We got to our first overlook and were surprised to see it was different than usual because of the overcast. On a clear day you can see for miles as you look out at the cities below.
As I looked, it made me think how it reminded me how we can live above our circumstances and not below them because we are seated with Christ in the Heavenlies according to Eph. 2:6 “and raised us up with Him, and seated us with Him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, “
After a long day we decided to get a room for the night at a neat place in a valley with three mountains around it.  After getting in we discovered there was no TV or radio.  No ones cellphones had service the only way to get to the outside world was a pay phone that was so ancient you had to use your credit card.  Phil would not get settled in until he called our kids and tell them where we were so we could feel somewhat connected to the outside world.  I think that was the first time we were truely off by ourselves….


Sitting in the car while Phil got us registered, I spotted this tree with such character and I could see a man’s face and it was as if I could hear him say with a deep voice….”come and stay awhile and just stop!”…
….and we did!!!
…..So I think I will stop here and begin on my next post with the details of our next day with pictures you will enjoy,  so stop by again….

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