After a good nights sleep we were up early because  as you noticed in the last post the place where we stayed had no TV/Radio and no phone or Internet connection what do you do when it gets dark at 8:15 you go to sleep early.  The next morning we had breakfast at the Restaurant in the motel. It turned out to be right good, surprisingly! After our meal we were on the road still heading south by 8:00am.  Just a few miles were left of the Skyline PWY and we were regretting it because we were enjoying it so much.  At this point we decided to try to make it to the end and pick up the next Parkway that began in North Carolina and ending in GA it was 450 miles.  It is the Blueridge Parkway. We began our travel with the decision to take in as many miles as we could then make it home that night.  This part has some of my favorite spots and I have more pictures for you to see…..

This road is so high up with solid rock on one side it amazes me to think how men one day worked here risking their lives…
Along the way these trees were pretty with red berries don’t know their name…..
 A thick fog set in, Phil had to maneuver us for several miles.  At one point we thought one of us would have to get out and walk in front to show the way through it.  Pretty scary for me since I knew on some spot it was a long drop off on our left….. 
Mabry Mill is the my favorite spot on the Blueridge Parkway and most photographed no doubt!!!
We hit it on a day they were Caning, what a unique skill….
We enjoyed walking and looking at the flower gardens around the mill……..
On down the road was another favorite spot an old country store that has everything you can think of.  Locals come and sale their produce grown in the area.  This day as we walked in you could smell country hams cooking made it nice for a cool day in the country……

Here you can see their fruits and veggies displayed notice the way they stacked the bananas….
On down the road we came upon a detour because of road construction maybe from a rock slides or trees down from storms recently.  It was disappointing at first but soon began to enjoy it.  The area was so interesting, it took us through a town we had not seen before with lots of tree farms and….
……….. tobacco farms.  It wasn’t long until we saw it was a beautiful area with rich soil for farming.  I have never seen so many Christmas trees growing every where on the hill sides.  They looked pretty and green….. its going to be a good year when you select your tree for this Christmas!!!
So that’s our trip we didn’t finish the Blueridge Parkway this time so next time we will pick it up from where we left off.  It got dark so we made an exit at the Asheville, NC area got on I-40 and headed to the barn, as they say.  On the way home we reviewed our whole trip thinking it was one of the best we had taken in a long time.  
Hope this will interest you so maybe one day you will set out to see what is out there along the beautiful trail called The Skyline Parkway and Blueridge Parkway it is truly America the Beautiful! 


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