“This is the day the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it” 
Psalms 118:24
Woke up with all this stuff on my mind, pressures of life, deadlines and just random thoughts I want bore you with?  These thoughts were arrested when this phrase dropped in front of all of them “I will rejoice and be glad ” OK ….what does that look like? Hopping, Jumping, and Dancing around the house…NOT.. for me anyway!  I don’t do that naturally, I’m rather subdued in that area.  Maybe I ought to try it.  I have a friend who lives like that, it’s some chip I don’t have. I expect it from her; she just does life that way.  I want to ask her sometime, “do you ever have a bad day?” or “do you even know how to have a downer day?”  Of course I wouldn’t want her to have one and ruin it.
What is this all about?  Well, I think it is a message for us to live by today.  Isn’t that like Holy Spirit to put a verse in our mind, hum…that shows us how important it is to memorize a verse?   I think I will start doing what I will call, “My Happy Dance” (when no one is looking of course!) and start living by this verse…..How about you?
Excuse me, but I just have to put this song out here to start our day.  It will be good for you and me for starters. It makes me laugh just watching this silly thing.  Our grandson Caedon, LOVES LIFE daily!  He could dance his way through each day singing this song….

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