Just had to share the beauty in our yard today.  It started two or three weeks ago and it keeps going on.  Don’t know why I am so fascinated with the leaf change this year but it has gotten my attention. Each day I look around to see what is different and it has puts on a show.  I don’t want to miss.  We had some rain and cooler weather the last few days and it seem to be saying, “Thank You!”…..

Take a look as we stroll around in the yard together….

These oaks fool me every year they are the last to make the bright red color……..

The brilliant reds will cause our living room to reflect it color and light up with its shine….

Notice the different colors in the front yard looks like God’s Color Palette displayed….

From the front porch I enjoy seeing the colors change on the mountain ranges….

Some of you have stayed in our guest house during the Autumn season here it is today….

Today has been a “Chamber of Commerce Day” with cobalt blue skies…..

Our side yard is another display of beautiful colors…….

In the Spring this “Flowering Cherry Tree” is a solid pink with its blooms and now it is about to go to bed for the winter to get ready for the next Spring…..

One yellow tree stands out tall and straight giving beauty for all to see…..

The view from our porch is breath taking this time of year……

I spend a lot of time in the evenings enjoying the rockers as we watch our sunsets the fall colors are our show right now….

Today our flag has been waving on this windy day.  It’s placed here on our porch to make a statement that we are proud citizens of the United States of America….

Just had to add another picture of this years fall display.  A friend captured it well with his camera and put it on Facebook, had to bring it over here for you to enjoy.  I’ve watched these two trees turn their beautiful colors in the last few days he really captured it well with our church steeple in the background take a look……

Hope you have enjoyed the day here at our place it been a great day take time to look around your place enjoying the leaves they are going to been gone soon and we will be enjoying another season.   Hope I will get to share some pretty winter scenery with you….



I had been waiting for my doctor to say one day, “it’s time to see what’s going on in your heart.”  Eight years ago I had open heart 5 by-pass surgery and since then I have been feeling like I have been living a life on borrowed time. Taking care of myself with more value, I might add.  From time to time, I have misbehaved in the form of letting my weight get out of control, not taking time to exercise and living with too much stress.  That’s why I like to vent here I feel like we can figure this thing out together called LIFE….

This week, I went for my first Nuclear Stress Test. In case you don’t know what it does it measures blood flow to your heart muscle both at rest and during stress on the heart. It’s performed similar to a routine exercise stress test, but provides images that can show areas of low blood flow through the heart and areas of damaged heart muscle.

Needless to say I was rather nervous waiting for the day of this revealing test.  I was getting “stressed” enough just waiting on the “stress” test.  It felt like I was going to get my report card seeing how well I had done being responsible with the knowledge of my condition that I had inherited from both my parents families.  My doctor at the beginning of this venture in 2003 said I had a healthy heart but had inherited my families plumbing systems.  That news brought on a feeling of wanting to beat that and turn that “generational condition” around to a new one for my family coming behind me. 

Up until the night before I was not at all worried about it.  I thought I had peace and would go in and do the test and check it off my list of things to do.  I went to bed for a good nights rest before my big day and boy!…did the the “mind chatter” kick in, I did not sleep a wink all night.

As the night’s struggle began, I got up email my friend to pray for me and I posted a prayer request to my Facebook friends to pray for me.  I became so weak I had to call on the “big guns” I knew would go to the Throne of Grace and intercede for me.  The comments started coming in and it was wonderful to think people like minded could speak the words I could not find in that late hour.

I got up showered, dressed in my athletic outfit and headed to the task ahead…….. 

Before I left home for my 8:45 appointment the next day I was feeling so weak in my faith about this adventure turning out OK that I took some of the messages I read from Facebook and emails and put them on my iPhone to read over and over as I waited for the test to begin.  Holy Spirit uses my friends “skin” to give your messages to me and I clung to them reading them with my eyes letting it give me peace for the moments I was in. 

Let me share what I read over that morning….
Lamar said…
“Before signing off fb for the night, I leave you with this thought: — Delays in answering prayer are not denials. — “Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart; wait, I say on the Lord.”—King David (Ps. 27: 14)

Jeni said….
“…anxiety, sickness, suffering, or danger, now and then, with a foregoing of the common conveniences and charities of this life, may make us pause, and cause the spirit to waver, and the soul to sink; but let this only be for a moment. All these are nothing when compared with the glory which shall be revealed in and for us…” -David Livingston

Judy said….
“Now Mary-that heart of yours is just PERFECT! Look at all you have done in the past 8 years and all the lives you have touched and changed – because of that beating heart! Mary girl – “God ain’t finished with you yet”. You can’t do what you do with a broken heart! The report will be EXCELLENT! “

With prayers said and all the words of encouragement I went in and ACED it!  I have to say the treadmill was the tuff part. The nurse had it going so fast and elevated so high I thought I wouldn’t make it to the end but in front of me was a poster of a one of my favorite singing groups that I had to stare at the whole time and it said on the top YOU COULD WIN I saw those words and said, You know what I CAN the choice is mine…. I will ……and I did!!!

As I left the doctors office they said I would get a call the next day with the results.  I thought, “OH GREAT”, more waiting!  I came home beat, went straight to bed, slept for two hours and that is not like me, must have been what I had missed from the night before.  When I got up I had a call I had missed that came within an hour after I got home, “Oh mercy! my phone was turned off at the doctor’s office and I hadn’t tuned it back on”.  I listened to the message, it went like this, “Mary, this is Sharron with Piedmont I am calling to let you know your stress test came back a Normal Study if you have any questions just give me a call back”  Whew! WHAT GOOD NEWS! 

So that was my day in Real Time thanks for listening to my story as of this important today now going to have a life, I CAN…LIfe IS Good!