I have on my heart several things. Questions are running in my mind, like what do you do when you know someone who is going down the wrong path making bad choices? What about if you are burdened for someone who is into drugs, alcohol or any other abusive behavior? These are my thoughts on this subject WHEN LOVE MUST BE TOUGH…
Toughness is behind the action you are taking, showing this love to that person. They are not going to process this until they get through facing the reality of their deep rooted pain they are trying to escape with their choice of a pain killer that last for a short while, but has long lasting damages. It’s a tough place to be in when you love this person so much that you risk the future of your relationship.  This fine line stares you in the face as you work out your plan. Keeping your focus on the fact of the harm their actions are causing will get you to the end results of your plan.  Deep care has to be on the heart of this person who is showing their love in action. It’s a tough place to be in when the actions of the one you love have brought you to a place of confrontation. It is hard for the person being confronted to see it is “for them” and “not against them” but this love has to push through that crust of feelings and know that “positive actions with positive motives has the ability to bring positive results”.
Today, I know those who are going out with heavy hearts to take this action to a love one.  My thoughts wonder on the fact that in many places at this time people I don’t even know are putting plans together feeling consumed by the stress of it.  My heart is heavy for a special person I know that has not dealt with her pain of a loss and she is trying to bury the emotional pain with a lifestyle that is slowly killing her and her love ones. I don’t want to see this happen to such a beautiful person who is the creation God made. 
Because I don’t want to “re-invent the wheel” and can’t, I recommend the best book on this subject.  I have seen it work over the years with many people. Dr James Dobson in his book “Love Must Be Tough” has put together a work that gives favorable results…..
You can find it here…
My prayers go out to you wherever you are. God is going to guide you because He wants this more than you do for this person on your heart.  In fact, how else can He reach them unless He uses a person with a strong desire to help that person blinded and needs to see the way out of this trap?  And remember, when it is at the end, the results will be “for them”.  Then they will have eyes to see and ears to hear the Truth…that God loves them and wants to be the Way, The Truth and The Life!   

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