John 3:20-21 “Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed. But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God.”

Ever felt like you are in a dark place in your life and can’t get out? What is going on? What’s the next step?  Going through something and you don’t have answers? Feeling misunderstood and the more you say the deeper you go into the darkness…..Well I can relate, at times it happens more times than not.  I call it a Funk I get in, feels like a dark cloud just hanging over me.  I love it when I live in the Zone.  That’s when all things are going right, life is good and the light is on my path.

The verse today is about Living in the Zone or Walking in the Light.  Read it over and see what is a key thought in the verse for you.  For me what stands out is, “whoever lives by the truth comes into the light”.  That is something we need to pay attention to when we are experiencing dark days.  I know we can’t live on “Cloud Nine” all the time that’s just not normal.   We need tension in our lives.  A music instrument’s strings will need tension to make a beautiful sound.  Our life would be so out of tune if we did not have trials.  It’s how we respond to them that matters.  When we get into one of those moods I call a Funk ask yourself, “what is the truth?” and you can count on light appearing to show you the path.  Walking in the Light is living a life with peace, good mental health and courage to face the challenge before you….GO AHEAD TAKE THAT FIRST STEP……




I’m discovering I can get way too serious before I know it.  I hate it when that happens!  I have to just stop and take action on myself and do a “route recalculation” or I will become dull and you don’t want to be around me.…..OH MY!!!….

Our kids have been here for a few days. Phillip and Amy have their routine enjoying each other.  They like to visit the surrounding little towns with neat shops and cafes, such as Blue Ridge, GA……

Caeden stays with us and the play begins.  I’m finding out that I have things that I “thought” were important, like keeping the house straight, checking email and it goes on and on. You know what I mean?

Yesterday, I realized those things keep me so controlled, that I miss important moments and I forget to PLAY.  I just stopped and said, “hey Caeden where are those two coloring books we bought a few years ago that we use to color in?”  He ran and got them and I had the best time coloring with him in the Star Wars coloring book……..

I opened all our crayon boxes and my memory took me back as a child and how I loved to color and how much effort I put into finding the RIGHT COLOR!!!  I had to be careful not to break one that would upset my day.

Then the smell of crayons……. can you smell them?….

 We were surprised how his coloring had improved, staying in the lines now….

We didn’t take time to swing this time, “Why didn’t I get out on the porch this summer more?”  Now the cold weather is coming and it will be too cold to sit out there.  Hey, I missed some summer sounds and sights this year….too busy!  Right now Caeden is calling from upstairs wanting me to come see this new computer game and how he is winning at this game.  Ok, practice what I just said, stop for the moment.  One day I will look back on this time, revisiting this valuable moment knowing my grandson wanted me to see him win in this fight with a giant in a game some computer whiz created. Wouldn’t be surprised if one day Caeden will be creating these games his mind runs that way.

 Outside we enjoyed the sunshine and the breeze in the trees as we played. I watched as he rode his bike around and around seeing how fast he could go each time.It became an imaginary race track. I was sitting in the grandstand cheering him on. This playing is actually fun.

Later that afternoon we baked Gingerbread cookies and created funny gingerbread men.

He could not stop eating them.  “Can’t just eat one”, he said, “these things are addicting”.

Yeah, that’s what I thought, so today we might have to bake some more because that batch is gone. 

Got to go, some more fun is waiting.  He’s leaving soon, but I want forget to keep playing like a kid.  Then, with this memory in my mind, on another day I will look back on this day enjoying this time with him again. 
This message is for you also, so get started with something fun….. BE A KID!…….