Matthew 28:19 “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,”……………

    This question has been on my heart lately.  Seems Father is revving up His motor, touching the hearts of His people to go here or there on the soil of the USA or some other land of His creation.  He wants men and women to be willing to go.  They are called Missionaries. It takes much to prepare for this calling.  They learn the language of the people, pick up their lives and pack lots of crates to relocate.  And Oh My! They have to do that scary thing called “Raising Support”.  That means going out traveling sometimes many miles, asking people for money to support something they feel is a strong need and burden. Then with blind Faith they head out and the rest is History.  Not long after, you begin to hear the amazing reports come in of souls being reached and lives changed because of obedience on their part and then those on their team who believe in giving to the cause begin to see the impact of the Jesus Work and how His work goes on… 

    In our church, we have been blessed to have had a couple leading our worship team, we fell in love with them. You could tell they loved God. Yes we’re saddened to lose Grant and Sarah, but willing to give them to the Mission Field they have chosen . They announced the calling specifically working with children, don’t know if it is on our soil or foreign, but our blessings go with them.   Thank you Grant and Sarah for the months you served on the FBC Worship Team and your willingness to go into the future of His Plan….

    My thoughts go back to meeting a young lady who shared with us her unique calling to serve as a Missionary in another country.  She had a hunger to go reach children just like Grant and Sarah. Jenny raised her financial support in no time and before we knew it she was in Romania. Her burden is to reach out to the children who live on the streets, needing to know the One who loves them. Just think how that works.  God is wanting to reach those who are lost.  He uses His children to go and tell others they can become His children through Jesus Christ His Son who died on a Cross for the sin of the world. 

    Now I have a renewed appreciation for those who go answering the call of Matthew 28:19 “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,”

    But one thought further, aren’t we all Missionaries?  Each day we come in contact with people who need to know the Truth!  How about you?  Take a look at this short video and ponder in your heart how your life is making a difference.  We only have a short time here on this earth!….



……..have been away spending Thanksgiving with our special family, hope  you were too.  This year seemed extra special!  Didn’t want to miss a thing, I seem to stay in the moment taking it all in. That mindset made me appreciate this special time of year more. After researching the meaning of Thanksgiving in my last post, it made it more meaningful.  I spent more time thinking through how blessed we are and have been over the years.

Traveling home yesterday, I thought back over the last few days spent celebrating with our children.  I think it was one of the best. It was so relaxing. When we arrived we were well organized with all our purchases ready to prepare the big meal.  Didn’t leave the house for days, until the time to say goodbye. As we left we were talking about our next month gathering for Christmas. We have so much to be thankful for, our heart are full.

Here is a little mini recap of our time.  The night before we left home I was up until midnight. I made two cakes the family likes.  A white iced pound cake and caramel cake. I think you can tell I just slapped the icing on the white cake.  Hey! the looks don’t count it’s the taste that matters and this was a good one was gone in no time……

Rob had ask me to make a caramel cake I hadn’t made one in years.  It was a hit making me feel good that I could please them.  They kept bragging on my creation until the last piece was gone.  What do you think?

The meal was prepared by Rob and myself he has a kitchen that would make the Food Channel studio sorry.  I enjoyed rattling his pots and pans even had the knives I see those chefs use on TV.

One downside not being use to sharp knives like that my hands looked like I had been in a battle had to use two bandaids, but it was worth it!

                                  Phil had to make a trip to the store for my medical supply…

Lyla waited by the window until his return…..

…….had plenty of football all day on TV while we enjoyed the fire.

Can’t beat candle lite all around and a warm fire at the close of the day in an old fashion fireplace, sitting and talk about old times when the kids were little…..

Coming home yesterday I was thankful that my memory bank had lots of new entries to cherish for the future.  Now it’s your turn, take a little time to look back on your Thanksgiving Day 2011. Hope you have some memories that will be good ones for a long time.

Ask yourself these questions…
What was the best thing we did that day?

What do we want to remember to do again next year?

While it is on your mind make a file of this year’s menu and grocery list to pull out next year to jump start you for another time of good memories….