You’ve noticed by now…..I’m enjoying the changing of the seasons. The temperatures are going from warm to cooler. The smell of smoke from chimneys are  beginning to be in the air and the color of the leaves this year….what can I say?

Beauty is all around us as we look in amazement.  Go take a walk or drive out some back roads and look around before the leaves fall and the trees are bare.  A season will go and the beauty God’s displayed will be missed if you don’t get up put aside “those petty things” that concern us and go experience the good things in life.

Yesterday I woke up thinking, the things that we do every Monday can wait, “those petty things”.  I mentioned a plan to Phil for our day, he agreed we could make a trip to Atlanta and see our grandson at his school.  We would surprise him with a visit and have lunch with him.  It was Halloween and things would be crazy but what did that matter? We could maneuver around it,  have our own fun and we did!

We left early, made the track over the mountain…..

…………but not until I shopped at a local store for items for Amy our DIL.  She loves to decorate their house for Fall and Caeden  really like it.  Phil stopped long enough for me to arrange them on the dashboard of our truck to take a picture to show Caeden when we saw him at school…

We got to his school a little early checked in at the office as visitors at Walker Park Elementary in Monroe, GA.  It was the first time we had gone inside to see what a nice facility it was, the building is only a few years old.  Right away we noticed how friendly everyone was.  Also how well organized their system was moving around so many children.  Just got to thinking how they daily equip the children with an education for their future.  The smell of the school cafeteria made us go way back in our memory thinking of our own school days.

On one wall was the hand prints of the children making the American flag……

We couldn’t wait until his 11:10 lunch time and for him to walk by and see his grandparents waiting.  It would be a big surprise. 

We had time to observe several things as the children filed by orderly with their teacher.  I began thinking of all the hours their teacher had dedicated to this cause, educating themselves to educate children for their future.  What a gift to come from someone to another.  I had never stopped long enough to think of such a thing, that it took time, effort and lots of money.   In some cases, I bet they are still paying for those bills.  My thanks went out to them in that moment.  I prayed silently for each one as they walked by as I looked in their faces.

Finally, he saw us as he was walking in the straight line with Tyler his best friend since the second grade, walking with him.  He ran and hugged us with a smile on his face.  We were so glad we took the time for our grandson that day, he leaned over and said to us, “I just was thinking about you guys and how I missed you and what a good time I had visiting you on Fall break.” 

WOW! I would not have missed that quality time for the world!!!…… 


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