The Flowering Cherry Tree is one of my favorite trees. I planted three almost nine years ago, we enjoy their Spring production of beautiful pink blooms. Soon those little peddles drop all over the driveway when the green leaves push forth. The wind blows and it looks like snow flakes in the air and on the ground…….

In Summer months it is so round with a stocky trunk, looks like an elephant leg at its base….

Rich green leaves during Summer bring an astonishing growth you can almost see it happening…. 

It sits on the edge of Caeden’s race track looking on as he races by….

Autumn arrives with a slow steady change, leaves begin to turn from yellow to orange in full color.  The Cherry Tree now stands with a proud look, we begin making the “oohs and ahhs” as we notice the Fall season begins…..

Just as you get use to its bright glow in the warm sunshine of Fall on it color, you remember to stop and look because in a few days they will be gone…..

The feel of Winter comes around when the first frost appears, with winds that sweep across its branches taking the leaves to the ground.  The leaves are…………. GOING…..




GONE into a dormant stage during the Winter months with snow sometimes covering its branches.  It sits in some kind of “pregnant silence” with an inter building of the tree for the next year. 

 It is at that time I begin to look for the start of some tiny little buds beginning to appear for the start of another life cycle springing forth again in the Spring starting another year pleasing to the eye.

Who but God can make this happen?…..

Hum!  if you think about it, we are like that tree we might be going through a cycle just like a tree.  I want to be like a tree I want to keep growing and I want a deep root system to withstand the “winter days” in my life.  When nothing is going on, I have to remember it IS going on and it is called “pregnant silence”,  a time of inner growth that has to happen when you go through seasons in your life.  What season are you in?  It will pass so enjoy life, as it TURNS, TURNS, TURNS.!……


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