As we approach Christmas I am enjoying all the festivities building up to the big day.

Just thinking about soon all around it will be time to wake up Christmas morning.

Children will be running to see what Santa brought overnight.

The smells from the kitchen as a good breakfast is being prepared to feed all,  is filling the air……. 

 …and finally after all the rush of shopping and wrapping its time to pass out the gifts and watch as the ribbons are untied and the paper is ripped off, then to watch the surprised looks at whats inside. Those packages are brought out that have been packed carefully and placed under the tree for weeks, they had been looked at, some might have been shaken when no one was looking to guess what’s inside.   The noise is a now a lot of laughter and screams with excitement.

I wonder how it was on that morning after the trip to Bethlehem, the shepherds had left their gifts knowing He was the One and that …..A BABY DID CHANGE EVERYTHING….

Let’s look together and worship Him the One who came to give us Christmas Day.  It is His Birthday  we Celebrate …….


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