Click on the music and scroll down viewing my collection this year of CHRISTMAS TREES….

Ah!… the enjoyment of the finished work of a decorated Christmas Tree, it gives you a good feeling as you sit with a cup of hot chocolate…

… my warm UGG slippers….

 …………Especially by the fire, as you gaze at your finished work.  The room is dark the lights from the tree illuminate the room… feel it with me!!!

I have enjoyed taking pictures this year of Christmas trees as I go around either shopping or visiting family and friends.  Here are a few to enjoy with me..

Our little tree makes our living room cozy with lights inside and outside and a warm fire….how nice!

Phillip, Amy and Ceaden enjoy their tree every year and Amy is the “tree decorator queen” the lights are placed perfect too!

When I was a little girl I would wait until the tree was all finished and everyone going about their business.  Then I would lay down under the tree as close in as I could and look up into the limbs and lights with all the colorful ornaments.  I would make a wish and feel all good inside.  Now there still seems to be a little girl inside that likes very much to get under the tree and look up making a wish…..

This is a gigantic tree at a Mall in Atlanta I like to stand below and take my annual picture….

One night during the season we like to ride around neighborhoods to see the lights and see trees shining in the windows…

One year I enjoyed decorating Rob’s tree at 805 Peachtree Street on the eighth floor you could hardly see the tree and its lights but was pretty anyway…..

This was a neat tree made from Lobster Baskets and Buoys, we took this picture at my favorite Lighthouse at York, Maine…..

Kittery Trading Post in Kittery, Maine had a sporty tree, this tree was decked out with hats and gloves to purchase for the cold winter…

If you visit Perimeter Mall in Atlanta you will see this tree standing tall….


…..and Lenox Mall…WOW! they have lots of trees decked out as always!!!

We stayed at the Hampton Inn in Alpharetta, GA last weekend for our 50th Anniversary.  Each time we left and returned from having fun in the big city we passed by this beautiful tree in the lobby with an angel on top,

seemed she was welcoming us each time!….

Our grandson was in the Christmas program last Sunday morning at their church.  We were very proud grandparents sitting in that audience as he said the closing prayer.

We all enjoyed the decorated stage with their gorgeous tree….

A few years back we took a trip to DC for our Anniversary and amazed at how pretty it was at Christmas!!!….

Trees were all around decorated by each State of our wonderful country… here is ours from Georgia!……

The White House was so pretty that VERY COLD morning we dropped by….

Below you will find my TOP TEN most unusual Christmas Trees….

A Wooden Tree holding candles…

A Book Shelf Tree….

Tall Gold Trees with Stars on top…..

…..Cut Glass Trees

Even an Upside Down Tree….

……a “don’t have to water Tree!!!

You guess it!  A Junk Yard Tree…..

….a “what you can do with your old computer screens?…. TREE!!!…

A Empty Bottle Tree…….

….a Whatever Tree???

 This year as always on the night of Thanksgiving it was the 64th annual lighting of the Macy’s tree at Lenox Square in Atlanta Georgia.  I remember as a child going downtown Atlanta to see the tree lighting at Macy’s before it closed and they moved it to Lenox.  It is with excitement you wait for the countdown and the lights to turn on. At that point the fireworks blast all around it seems to say it is officially time for Christmas.

….and along the same time in New York the tree at Rockefeller Center is lit for the Season as the crowds look on with cheers, can’t you hear them?……

…..ate at Zaxby’s today with some friends as I ordered I look to the left and saw their tree with gifts already gathering ….

Can you guess where this tree is in Blairsville? Bet you can’t,  go look around see if you can find it…..

Just a few months back in Sept, we were riding the Skyline Parkway.  We came up to a sign that said “detour ahead”.  Disappointment came over us until the rode took us on back roads close to Boone, NC.  All over the mountains sides were rows and rows of beautiful Frazier Furs growing. Here is a picture I took, you can see how they were growing getting ready for someone’s enjoyment…….

My friend Denice has this interesting tree on her Facebook page, makes me have a cozy feeling how about you?…

Here is Bonnie’s it seems to sparkle….

…Jennifer Cook’s does have a tree…….

Take a look at how it looked back in 1951 check out the TV!……

                                                                                                                                                                                                       …..check back later I might have some more TREES…thanks for coming back I now have the Winner of the 2011 Best Tree of the Year posted check it out at:;postID=3980658866770791112 …. 


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