OK! we’re in the “short row” now lets see…shopped…check…. wrapped presents…check…sent cards…check…made list for baking supplies…check…bought baking supplies…check…baked…not check…make guest list for party…check….put tree up….checked weeks ago….watered dying tree because put up too early …check….get nails done….not checked might have to do them myself….take a nap …not checked want have time…ready for the day to Celebrate Christmas…NO!!!

So where do you fit in that picture?  I am trying to do what I say every year I am not going to get STRESSED and fail at it each year.  I hate it when that happens….

What is the reason we do all of the above?  I don’t have the answer and if I did it I don’t think we would change.  Our whole society is in to it.  It’s like we all get in a big crowd and start running bumping into each other and acting crazy just to have the most and the best and Heaven Help us we’ve GOT TO STAY IN TRADITION doing the same things every year the same way we always did “IT” and if anybody “breaks rank” and does not want to or has another plan YOU BETTER WATCH OUT!!!

I just want to say with a big shout….JUST STOP IT!!!

What is the Real Reason for the Season?  Let’s get back to the basics, it’s real simple.   Jesus is the real reason we celebrate Christmas each year.  Christmas Eve have a time of reflection by stopping and pondering in your heart like His mother Mary did, think about who Jesus really is and what He has done for us by coming to this earth in human form to conquer the sin of man….Think about it!!!

From the Manger to the Cross

John Lynch posted via Facebook spoke to me. It caused me to step back getting me back on track with the REASON FOR THE SEASON.  I began to think it’s not the STRESS OF THE MESS it is THE MESSAGE THAT RELIEVES THE STRESS. He lay in a manger with quite all around, do you hear it? I don’t want to be too busy to stop and listen…..

Christ’s last night in heaven: “I’m ready Father.” “Son, the next thought you’ll have will be that of a baby’s. All memories of this home, this glory, this beauty-will be gone. They will be replaced with filth, cold and pa…in. The first breath you take will pull you on a course to your death. Son, it will take years before you’ll remember this conversation, this arrangement. Then it will dawn on you, who you are and who I am. That moment will be the loneliest of all. The morning you wake up and realize how far away you are from home.”

Enjoy your Christmas 2011……


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