GUILTY FEELINGS….We see so much of this in the lives of clients in our office, unnecessarily I might add!!!

I was thinking someone that stops by “Mary’s Place” might be dealing with some of this.

Lately, Phil and I have been talking about how we need to “Rehearse the Gospel” to ourselves to secure our mind, warding off the scheme of the evil one who wants to rob us of The Truth.  In practicing this, it will remind us of what we have In Christ and who we are In Him.  It will cause us to be stable and settled in Who We Are In Christ and will be motivated Disciples.

Going back in my files I saw this Handout we use as a helpful tool.  We don’t need to live with Guilty Feelings we need to live in Victory in the work on the Cross…..

Hope this helps if you are dealing with these feelings, keep this handy to go back over from time to time….


Divided Mind
Drains Energy
Doubts God
Wants To Be Punished
Fear and Insecurity
Compulsive Behavior
Depression – Unresolved guilty feelings with control will lead to destruction
Affects the Human Body
You can lose all hope which can lead to harming yourself if not emotionally…physically!


Admit I am wrong if guilt is real.

Identify the source of your guilt. Trace it back to the source.

Confess/see what was done on the cross/ walk away from guilt. This will cause you to disconnect.

Ask yourself is this “real guilt or false guilt”?  

Remember and state this:  “I have the gift of His Righteousness”.



At the beginning of the year, as a lot of others, my husband and I started thinking about losing weight. You know that weight we had so intentionally gathered over the Holidays, with those traditional foods we think we HAVE TO HAVE!!!

The effects from this problem, our out of control eating, was beginning to cause problems to our health and that was a “luxury we could not afford”.  You see, we both have risky health issues and that means we must be more responsible if we want to be around enjoying life and ministry to it’s fullest. And…one major reason, we have a grandson we want to be around to see his life unfold. 

I had open heart surgery in 2003 and three years ago my husband came head on with Wegener’s Granulomatous that at this time is an incurable blood disease.  We joke around saying, “we both are the healthiest sick people you know and we shouldn’t buy green bananas because we might not be around for them to ripen”. 

So here is the TRUTH!!! We are all dying but we don’t have to speed up the process we can do things to give us good health.  3 John 2 has an important message we all need to apply to our lives…

3 John 2Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good
 health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting 
along well” (New International Version)

Over the weekend we went grocery shopping and had the best time making our selections.  We made sure to stay on the periphery of the store where the good stuff is available.  It seems the more you go inside the aisles the more it is unhealthy, with packaged items. 

Saturday afternoon the kitchen counter was full of things we had gathered.  I enjoyed cleaning and storing it in the refrig.  What do you think?….

We are discovering lasting results by eating on this plan recommended by my husband’s doctor and I joined him being I am the food preparer and it’s working!  We feel so much healthier and one great benefit is watching the numbers on the scales go down as our bodies are “releasing” the pounds.

If you are interested, here is the diet for good health that makes so much sense in obtaining good health.  It is an Anti-Inflammatory Diet that’s really easy to follow. The only change we made is we drink the pure grape juice instead of the wine, we have even cranked up our Juicer, making good fresh juice drinks from organic carrots and other veggies.  I will have to post about that some day, honestly people, we are becoming like new people one cell at a time each day…Life IS Good it REALLY IS…