This week I found myself living and acting off words in my head and it’s been repeated failure….“Mind Chatter”!  

Some words like, “you stupid thing why did you say that, can’t you get it right?”; or “ok you butted in and you weren’t invited, you’re bad!!!”; “you are a nobody and will never be good enough”.  

How about you? Have you had that happen? If not, you might, so I want to give you a “heads up” on what’s going on.  The only way the enemy can get us to live in defeat is to use our own voice in our head.  He uses first person pronouns like, “I” “my” and “you”.  So you better beware of it and know they are all lies. 

While my husband and I were watching a movie, this powerful phase came in my path like a strong clap of Thunder.  As I heard it, I told him to stop the movie and rewind it, then we both heard it.  I thought, this is no mistake it caught my attention,  I was suppose to hear it.  The actor said in a frustrated manner to his fellow actor, “Don’t live in your head, it’s a bad neighborhood”…now that’s the best advice I’ve heard in a long time and in a movie and it had my name all over it!…Who Knew!!!

I took that phase and “ran with it” having to use it the very next day.  Yes! that’s right, an incident happened between someone and myself, that could have been a real “train wreck”.  The thoughts of the event controlled my mind the whole day, until I remembered that phrase.  I put it through my grid system and “bookmarked” it, then put it into action and guess what….it worked!

I also had the words to a song come to mind that reminded me Jesus wants to be MY ALL IN ALL in every circumstance and not live in our mind.  It made me stop and think, when we have all that “mind clutter” going on, it will cause us NOT to be able to keep our mind on the One who really matters and have PEACE OF MIND. He wants us to live in peace with others and ourselves.  Living off past “junk thoughts” will keep us too busy.  It will wear you down until you believe a lie…so a good practice is to day, “Just Stop It” and get back on track with the Truth!….

Hope these words help you today.  While I was typing what was on my mind it helped me just reviewing my past week.  I was able to review yesterday and how the feeling of freedom is in my mind today.  I might just come back to this post later and read it again to remind me. 

 Let’s sit back and listen to this song thinking of the real Truth in the words……

 ……..HE IS OUR ALL IN ALL!!!….



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