Been recovering from a three thousand mile road trip.  Our trip involved another swing by the State of Maine.  I love that place! It has the prettiest coast in America.  Of course, we took time to visit our favorite lighthouse….The Nubble at York ME. 

Each time we enter that State I can’t wait to check on it to see how it’s getting along.  You might have done the same in your travels.

Again we were able to stand in our “picture spot”.  As usual we ask who ever is near by to snap our picture.  They listen to our instructions, then we pose for that perfect capture of this time in moment of us at the Nubble in the background…..
Out of the 63 Lighthouses in Maine, this one is my favorite.  I have only seen four or five in our visits, but I always come back to this one.

Above is one of the lavish houses sitting on the Down East Coastline that leads up to the lighthouse. All the houses are so beautiful around the narrow road leading up to it.   I often dream of how it would be to “get” to live there.

….and below is a view looking from the Lighthouse area back at the coastline you can see this house that makes you really dream about how it would be to reside there……

Driving on as you round the curve…. there it stands in it’s glory!

We arrived about mid afternoon on 5/3/12 rain had been around for several days before but this day it was clear and sunny not a cloud in the sky, we hit it perfect.

We did our usual walk feeling the breeze with the salt water blowing in our face.  The waves crashed on the shore.  As always it becomes hypnotizing as your stare seeing if the next wave gets bigger.

I love it when we arrive and the wild roses are in full bloom this year they were full of buds but not quite time to bloom.  I could only find one peeking out and showing its beauty.  They are growing all along the sea shore……

Phil is deciding what flavor he will have…..

Before we leave we have our ice cream cone, my favorite is Maple Walnut.  That is a flavor you can’t find it in the South where I live so the Down East spot called, “The Fox Diner” makes it a nice spot to sit at their picnic tables and view the people coming in and out the driveway to see the view we just enjoyed.

As we leave I always think,  “will this be the last time to make this long trek”?  It’s a long trip we can’t make often since its 18 hours 37 minutes, 1,100 miles from our doorstep. Each time we drive away I thank the Lord for the gift of blessing us again allowing us a visit to the  beautiful Nubble…..

If you have time go to the website and read more about this place and maybe one day we will see you there….



Do you relate to this statement CAN’T GO ON,  “with whatever trail you are facing?” I have been there.  The trials of life, the state of our environment around us, feeling rejected by friends or even family? I think if you came here it is because you are desperate and need answers.

Let’s look together for answers, just this morning I came across a verse that was a comfort to me.  A key word stood out to me.  It was the word… “Confidence”.  Now that’s a powerful word. It’s like a hand that reaches out and grabs you up from drowning. Read it and see what you think…

1 John 5: 14-15…  This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of him.”

The word confidencein the dictionary means “full trust;belief in the powers, trustworthiness, or reliability of a person or thing:We have every confidencein their ability to succeed.”

You know what?  We can trust God our Father through every trial we are facing, going to face or have faced and it keeps rearing its ugly head up…. again.  Each time, we can trust Him, with confidence.  How comforting to know we have a God so big He can hold us securely in His big hand.  His provisions have been given to us in His Son, Jesus.  He is our Big Brother who will never leave us or let you down.  He has given us Holy Spirit be in us guide and be our comforter.

Now you are asking, so what do I do about what I am facing right now?  Start by telling God about it, with confidence.  With this approach, we can believe He will take care of our request.  Sometimes, we don’t think big enough or think we are good enough to deserve God’s concern with our concerns. That mindset limits reaching out in our desperation when we feel like we CAN’T GO ON.  We can go to Him in confidence!….

So I will leave you with this verse, go practice this right now….Matthew 7:7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”




This song soothes my Soul…. listen and let it do the same for you, it will get you back on course…..  “TURN TO HIM” and let it heal your hurting heart…… just click on the arrow  …….