Hey! How’s it going for you….Being His Wife? I looked over at Phil the other day as he was driving, he had no idea I was looking at him, I thought “I like being Phil Mason’s wife.” I better like it, makes it better being Marriage Counselors. But you know, I would feel this same way even if we were in any profession.

It hasn’t been easy, we’ve had our ups & downs. It’s a wonder we’ve survived, to be honest. Just thinking, what’s working for us for these almost 49 years? A phone call motivated me to write, just hung up with a husband that called, so frustrated with his wife. I think well there she goes again; feeling her mission in life is to make him one miserable man, how pitiful is that! After about 30 minutes of hearing him pour out his heart the call ended. I turn to Phil and say, “I am reminded of a verse, Proverbs 14:1 “The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.” I don’t want to make that mistake in my lifetime!

These three things are helpful in building a strong marriage.
A. Get to Know Him – practice the 4 A’s, got them years ago, don’t know who gave them to me but wherever you are God Bless you!
1.Accept Him Unconditionally – this takes pressures off – Philippians4:3
2.Admire Him – Compliment don’t criticize – Ephesians 4:29
3.Adapt To Him – Get involved with his interest – Philippians 2:4
4.Appreciate Him – Be grateful and loyal – Philippians 2:4

B. Get to Know You – Ask yourself some hard questions:
1.Who am I?
2.Why am I here?
3.Where Am I going?
4.What are my Values?
Some of my answers – be Responsible / be Confident / be Growing In Christ
in Spirit / Soul / Body – I Thess. 5:23
1. SPIRIT-Right Concept of God – (Father / Son / Spirit)
a. Know Your Identity -You can’t know who you are as a person
until you know who you are in Christ (Gal. 2:20).
b. Ask God to show you “Who He is” / Ps.46:10 “Be Still and Know
that I am God”.
2. SOUL- Develop “Who You Are” –
a. What is it you like in life? – hobbies, likes, dislikes
b. Emotional Health – take care of unfinished business of past /
“Ghosts of the Past”, that control you today.
3. BODY-Take care of what God has given you.
a .Know what it takes for you to function.
b. Exercise / Good Nutrition
c. Look your best! Get a Make over if you need to.

C. Get to Know Your Marriage – write your own program.
1. Cultivate Your Relationship; it belongs to the two of you, it’s alive.
a. Date, Laugh, have Fun!!
b. Date him give yourself to him!
2. Begin making your marriage the Journey of a Lifetime!

Hope this is a help to someone. They are tried and proven tools to get you both on the same page as you walk through life together having harmony. Does your marriage make a sound of beautiful harmony or does it need tuning?


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